Really Bummed Out

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krissy1980 - February 20

Ok, so I got my results back regaurding my glocose screening test and I failed it.It was 189..which I don't know how high that is but nevertheless it's high enough for me to have to take that 3 hr test..I am really bummed out about it..Anybody fail the glocose test with results higher than mine and pass the 3 hr test?


DownbutnotOUT - February 20

All I know is I failed my first glucose test with my 2nd pregnancy, I was never told a number, and I pa__sed the 3 hour test barely. my OBGYN had me down as a borderline diabetic for that pregnancy. good luck


quas2cute - February 20

I failed my test your glucose level isn't suppose to be over 140 mine was 154 and I had the 3 hr test and pa__sed with flying colors. You will be fine I pray you pa__s the test.


mommybabyboy21 - February 20

I go for my test tomorrow morning...I hope I pa__s


shygirly - February 21

when do they give you the glucose test? and how is it done?


sarahd - February 21

The 1 hour glucose test is done b/w 24 and 28 weeks gestation. You have to drink this huge gla__s of what tastes like orange soda, wait for an hour, then they take your blood to test insulin levels. I just had mine yesterday, so hopefully it went okay!


friendtilthend - February 21

Hello ladies... I failed the 1 hr glucose with my third pregnancy. However, I did pa__s the 3 hr with flying colors.


wailing - February 22

What is the 3 hour test as opossed to the 1 hr? I forgot what directions the Dr. gave me before I go. No eating sugar night b4 and that morning?


mommybabyboy21 - February 22

the only differents between the test is how long the wait before drawing the blood. and my dr said no food or drink for 8 hours before the test. And she said that trying to eat good the last few days doesn't really affect it so don't bother. I took my 1 hour test yesterday and I hope I pa__sed!!! I guess I'll know soon. :)


salk - March 8

What happens if you fail the three hour test?


Kime - March 8

well i take my test next thursay at my 24 week appointment. last time i went to the Dr. at 20 weeks my sugar was very high so i might fail this one. Plus my dad is diabetic and my granny died from it so it just kinda runs in my family anyways. I pray that everything goes ok with me next week b/c i don't want to have complications later on in my pregnancy.



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