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Jamie - July 7

Hey everyone! My girlfriend lent me her book "The Girlfriends' Guide To Pregnancy, or everything your doctor won't tell you" by Vicki Iovine and it was soooo funny. I was reading it on a plane and couldn't help laughing out loud. The very old stern lady sitting next to me told me that she didn't think pregnancy should be so funny. What and old fart! If anyone else knows of any good, funny pregnacy books please let me know!


Kimberlee - July 7

A friend told about this book by Jenny McCarrthy, was really funny and she loved it. I haven't read it yet, but I plan on buying it soon. Now I'll go out look for the book your talking about too. thanx


Jodie - July 7

"up the duff" by kaz cooke, was so funny i nearly wet myself, i really should be doing my pelvic floor exercises more often


Jamie - July 7

Thanks for the input you guys! I'm running to the book store tomorrow after work. I'll let you know what I find! PS.. Jodie, your not the only one forgeting her Kegals. I sneezed really hard yesterday and lost a little bit. It was quite surprising and a bit embarrasing! And here I didn't think I'd hit incontinence until I was for sure 70. Life is so full of surprises.


Jodie 2 - July 7

I have the jenny mcCarthy book. It's soooo funny. I read the whole thing in one day cuz I couldn't put it down. It's called belly laughs. She also has baby laughs which is about the first year. That was a funny one too!!!


BIA - July 7

I have this book- read it cover to cover in one night! I still go back and read parts of it when I am having a hormonal day- makes me laugh (and not feel alone) everytime! Highly recommend it!


M - July 8

Hey Jamie, I too LOVED that book. Get The Girlgfriends guide to the first year of Parenting, it's equally as funny and fairly informative. My husband read The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, it was the only book I could get him to read and he liked it as well. I like the book Your Pregnancy Week by Week. It's not funny but really informative. I enjoy knowing what's happening to me and the baby every week. Good luck.


Amy - July 8

I have read some of the "girlfriends guide" book. It is great! Like some other ladies, I also read the Jenny McCarthy books in basically one sitting each. The "belly laughs" book brought me to tears of laughter more than once! I was sitting with my husband at Barnes & Noble laughing my head off every other page. I also sat and read some of the "baby laughs" at the bookstore...but then just bought it to read at home that day. I figured that book would come in handy during the first year when I may need to have a good laugh about some of the goofy things that happen once the baby arrives in our household! Lots of laughs and good times to you all!! :)



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