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Melissa - May 11

Ok, i started a thread before about not being immune to Rubella, got no responses. Now, I am not immune to this disease and there is a big outbreak of it in my area. If a pregnant woman gets this disease it is devastating to the fetus...causes blindness, deafness, heart defects, mental retardation. I have been told by my doctor to avoid the public and people in general. My husband thinks that I should still carry on as if nothing was wrong. I am getting no support from him at all, in fact he says I am being lazy and should get off my ass and do stuff during the day for him while he is at work. I am so afraid and am not getting any answers.


rae - May 11

when your pg you should always be careful and if the doc said stay away from public places do it. It's better to be safe then sorry.


B - May 11

Hi Melissa- I also got my results back saying I was not immune to Rubella either. Where do you live-Where is this outbreak? If the Dr told you to stay out of public places I would. I'm sure your husband just doesn't want you worrying all the time (I know its hard not too) Anyway I was shocked to learn that I wasn't immune-I definitley had shots before I entered college. How can you get Ruebella-I know nothing about it!


NG - May 12

I am so sorry that your husband is not being suportive of your choice to avoid public places. I agree with your doctor that you should avoid the public, as I am sure you have been told Rubella is Spread by coughing and sneezing. Does your partner understand the risks involved ? I hope it all works out for you.


Lily - May 12

I'm sorry about your distress Melissa. But I agree with all the other ladies that have posted. If your doctor advised you to stay out of the public or keep a low profile. I would definitely do it. Your husband may not fully grasp how serious this could be but that doesn't mean you don't and can't. Where is this Rubella outbreak if you don't mind my asking? Good Luck.


Tina - May 12

I know why you are concerned. I had a really scarey incident myself lately, and I am still concerned. I don't know if I am immune to Rubella. My mom isn't sure I got vaccinated when I was a kid. Anyway, my dad went to the hospital the other night with cla__sic sypmtoms of Rubella. The nurse a__sured him it wasn't Rubella, but hives. Some sort of reaction...he didn't end up seeing a doctor because it was too long of a wait. I hope to God the nurse knows what she is talking about, because 50% of the time Rubella isn't diagnosed properly...and we have an outbreak in my area as well...probably the same area as you...It is a very scarey situation, but one good thing for me is that I am 26 weeks and the chances of defects are still there but not as much if I were earlier in pregnancy. How far along are you? I don't think other people realize just how concerning this situation is. In my situation even, I felt people were not being as supportive as they should be...It's up to you and me to protect our children, when others are supposed to and they don't it makes our job harder though eh? I would do what you feel is right, and listen to your doctor, not your husband...he may not realize the consequences either...Hang tight, as I will...until this thing gets under control...So far 4 pregnant women have the virus, so it's possible to catch...It can be worrisome, but your not alone Melissa!


Melissa - May 12

Thanks so much everyone. B and Tina, I am in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada. The outbreak is mostly in Norwich, ( 10 mins away ) there have been several confirmed cases in Tillsonburg and other surrounding areas. It has also spread to London now ( 45 mins away ) Tina, I made my parents and brother and husband all get vaccinated even though they had been vaccinated already. The doctor said it was besst, because if they go in for a blood test to see if they are immune, then they have to wait ( maybe over a week ) to get the results back and then go back in and get the vaccine. Tina, where are you? you must live very close to me. Oh, I am 18 weeks, but my doctor said there is still a very serious risk of harm to the fetus at this stage. I was told that the risk is lower after 20 weeks, but still possible. I don't feel like gambling with my baby!


Melissa - May 12

to B ~ The reason that you dont know anything about it, is because the disease has virtually been eliminated in Canada and the US. Both countries have the vaccine available at no cost to everyone and most people get the vaccine and it works. ( Except for me and you i guess ! ) Anyways, the outbreak here started because a large part of the community where it is centered ( Norwich ) do not believe in getting vaccines for religous reasons. Also, they have a lot of relatives from Holland, and there has been an ongoing outbreak in Holland for quite some time. The govt is saying that that is likely where the disease came from. Anyways, it is spreading like crazy becuase none of them are vaccinated. Sadly, like Tina said, there are several pregnant women now who have the disease. It just sucks having to worry about harming you baby with lifelong problems, all because some people are being reckless about theie health.


Anna - May 12

talk on the phone alot-you wont feel as lonely, and it will pa__s the time, also i would tell that man to back off-he should be more supportive for you. I know men are sometimes insensitive-my bf keeps teasing me about becoming are men i dont htink they can help it and dont let yourself be down about it. Do what is safe for yourself and your baby-hey! I wish i could just chill out sometimes, i feel like im a hamster on a wheel sometimes. Don't stress hon, the rubella will pa__s, just be safe



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