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gabbysally - January 25

when's too early to register??? I'm dying to!!!! I'm only 13 weeks and I don't know the s_x yet so I know I have to wait on a lot of stuff for the color - but what aboyut the basic? is it silly to do so early?? it's just so much fun and I can't wati!


gabby509 - January 25

Well I am registering this weekend, but I am 21 weeks along and I know that I am having a boy. But I would say to register whenever you want to. It will always be there, and you can just add when you find out the s_x. Do whatever makes you happy!


Tootsie5c - January 25

I'm 24 weeks and started my registry last weekend. It was so overwhelming! I barely got anything picked out, so I'll definitely have to go back a few more times to finish. I couldn't imagine doing it before I found out I was having a girl though, because everything I'm choosing is so girly! One of the things that I did that really helped me in the registering process is reading product reviews online from other moms. At and there are reviews for almost everything. And they are really surprising! The expensive fancy looking things that you would think would be great usually get terrible reviews, and the most seemingly simple, primitive products usually came in first. It just really helped me feel at ease with the safety and durability of what I was registering for.


jennifer_33106 - January 25

I would suggest registering early like you are because it is one thing that you will chage 100x over. Also when you do start picking out clothes and such dont forget that the baby will only be a newborn so long and it will be nioce to get outfits and nsies that he/she can wear later on. Also dont be scared or ashamed to put some big ticket items on there. We did and it helped us so much when people all chipped in to get us things like the play pen and the swing. Also like Tootsie said, Target has great reviews on their products. Congrats an its a good idea in my opinion to start now. :)


Rachel29 - January 25

I'm 21 weeks, and haven't registered yet, but like someone suggested, you can always change it, so go ahead! I just haven't because I've been so worried about the right thing to get, and what's the safest! I did buy a book to help me out, so hopefully I'll be doing that soon!


xvkx - January 26

I registered at the beginning of my second trimester, and highly recommend getting an early start. You'll make a lot of changes along the way, but it helps a lot to start working on an early sketch and helps ease the work later on down the road. Don't worry about clothes too much now, but if you want to go ahead with it, go with unis_x things such as bodysuits and pick neutral colors - once you find out the s_x it's a cinch to change them over. One of the biggest and most time consuming things is figuring out all the other stuff you will need! Also, before picking stuff out, take a look at Consumer Reports website - they have a section on baby stuff and some very good advice on what's safe and what's not safe to use - not every baby item out there is the safest thing to get, and there are some things you would really think are safe items and then find out from their site that they're not so safe after all. Walmart actually has some awesome checklists on what is needed, I recommend checking those out as well, as other sites I've found tend to recommend things that aren't really all that necessary, Walmart's suggested very few items in comparison that weren't actually needed. Ask other parents as well what they needed/didn't need for their babies. And yah, you will be making tons of changes over the next several months, adding stuff, removing stuff, changing brands/styles, etc. but it will be fun and something to occupy yourself with when you're bored. :)



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