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Kime - March 7

hey guys! Im 23 weeks and in about 2.5 months i will be having my baby Shower. I have started to register and different places and i was wondering, Do you think that registering at 3 places is too much. I registered at walmart,target, and babirs r us'. The reason i did this is because at some stores things were cheaper than others and some stores did'nt have the same things, Plus it just gives people a variety of places to shop at b/c some people don't like wal-mart and some don't like target either. I just don't want people to see my invitations and see that im registered at 3 places and think that im going overboard. I Don't have anything on there over 30.00, and i only have about 6 things or so on each site. Plz give me your advice...Thanks


suze42 - March 7

i dont think it matters...if anything its makes it easier for your guests to shop at whatever place is convenient. And they can price shop a bit too!


jodie - March 7

I agree. It will give people the opportunity to shop where ever is convinient for them. I know where I live the babies r us stores are spaced out pretty far. So when I had my shower with DS it was easier for some people to just go to target. I remember I used to look online to see if people had bought stuff cheated. Needless to say I didn't get to much of my registry anyways. Somtimes people just like to buy there own stuff. I ended up exchanging a lot of clothes for some of the things I


sunniesmile - March 7

I think its cool...i am actually going to register at the same places :) I agree with the ladies above- it provides convience for you shower one of my showers will be in a town that only has wal mart. target and toys' r' us are 30 mins away- so i say the more the merrier :)


c_baer19 - March 8

I am registering at both Target and Wal-Mart, there is no Babies 'R Us in my hometown and I know people have different preferences between Target and Walmart. I'm just registering for everything on my checklist of items I need for the baby, expensive and inexpensive, and all the same things or same types of things at both stores, and if I get two of something (one from each store) I can just go and exchange it for something I didn't get.


lawlady72 - March 8

I don't think it's bad but I don't think you should have all the same things at each store. Have different things at each store. Also Babies R Us is on the net and people can order stuff from your registry online.



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