Rented Doppler

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Catherine - May 23

Hi everyone, just wondering if any of you have rented Doppler's? If so, how far along were you when you could clearly hear the baby's heartbeat? Just thinking about it and wanted to see if anyone liked it!


Julie - May 23

We rented one from Stork Radio. It is $41 per month. That includes all shipping. It has the digital readout, which not all have. We love ours. I first started using it around 12 weeks. It took me a few tries, but now I know where to find the little bean and it is great. I am 14w5d today. Good luck!


Kelly K - May 23

I rented one when I was 12 weeks and could hear a strong beat around 13 weeks. Now I can find the little sucker without any problems at all. I love having mine! It helps with peace of mind.


Catherine - May 23

Julie, congratulations! What does the heartbeat sound like to you?


Cris - May 23

I just rented one at $23 per month includes shipping and a gel tube. sells one for around $30. BeBe's Sounds is the brand. It's a 7 piece set. I wish I had found it before I rented. I might keep this a month and then buy the other. I'm 17 wks. I listened all weekend to the heartbeat!


TO CRIS - May 23

The reason the BeBe Sounds is so cheap is because rather than a doppler (which detects to soundwaves) it is a microphone (which detects the actual sound of the heart, like a stethescope). The microphone cannot pickup the heartbeat until about 7 months, whereas you can start hearing a 10 weeks or so with the doppler. My advice is stick with the doppler.


Louise - May 24

We rented ours from Stork Radio for $20 a month including shipping. It's great. It's a basic one, but it really gives me piece of mind if I haven't felt the baby move much that day. I'm in my 25th week and started using it 8 weeks ago. I think it's worth the money to feel more relaxed, plus it's fun.


Lynn - May 25

I know the placenta is supposed to sound like wind b__wing through the trees. Would anything else sound like that, or just the placenta?


Maleficent - May 25

lynn, the cord also makes a swooshing sound. the baby's heart will sound kinda like a galloping horse, it's all 4 chambers of the heart hard at work.


SE - May 25

Has anyone asked their doctor about using these? I started to rent one but then found websites saying it could potentially be harmful. The websites weren't necessarily reputable but it still made me paranoid. I intend to ask my doc at the next visit, because I'd really love to get one.


Louise - May 28

For SE- I asked my doctor if they were safe and I was told that they are completely safe. Sometimes I do notice that the baby will kick underneath the mic and that kind of bothers me beacuse I would not want to think it bothers him. So I try not to check it everynight. I save it for when I haven't felt him move too much that day.


Susie - May 30

Have you rented this item in Canada or the US? I am in Canada and was wondering if this is available here?


Cora - May 31 can rent dopplers from a company in Canada, based out of Vancouver. They are called Dopplers To Diapers, their website is



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