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jennifer - December 1

Here is my question, I am 27 weeks preggo, before I was pregnent I weight about 130lb now at 27 weeks I am weighing 160lb (which no one believes because I don't look that big) but it feels like my tummy has not grown, like I have no clue where this weight is going but my tummy feels the same size as it did at 23weeks, Is this normal??


jennifer - December 1



to jennifer - December 1

I wouldnt worry about it. All of the weght is not going to go to your belly. Some of it is going to be water retention in your body, then the babys amniotic fluid. Your b___sts get heavier. So please dont worry yourself about it. But if you do worry about it you should call your Dr. so they can reasure you.


B - December 1

Also you're b___t gets bigger so it can support your back. I am the same way. I am 21 weeks and have gained 16lbs and my stomach is flabby, slightly round and not so big. SO by 27 weeks, I'll probably be up 30 too!


Petra - December 1

Your blood volume increases by about 50%....that'll add some weight that you don't really see anywhere on your body. It doesn't sound like trouble, but if you're worried, call your doc or be sure to ask at your next prenatal appt. (should be one coming up soon, right?).


Jamie - December 2

It's funny, I had the same worries. i started my pregnancy at 134, I now weigh 164. Nobody would ever gess that though. I am 22 weeks and my uterus is barelky at my belly b___ton and I just look a little more bloated than normal. I thought maybe my baby wasn't growing and I was just gaing weight, but my ultrasound (2 days ago) showed that everything was fine, baby is almost a pound, 10.7 inches long...everything is going great and baby is growing normal!


to Jennifer - December 2

Baby doesn't really put on the bulk of his or her weight until the very end. I mean, baby will double in weight sometimes in a week early on, but that's ounces we're talking about. The actual pounds come later. I'm sure you're fine.



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