Revealing The Gender To Grandparents

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Rainbowbrite - September 26

I am looking for ideas on a creative way to tell my mom and my boyfriends mom the gender of the baby. We are not finding out until Oct 25 (GOSH THAT IS SO FAR AWAY) but i would like to see if anyone can help me think of suggestions of ways i can tell them other than JUST TELLING THEM... does that make sense? I want to do it in a special way.


sarah21 - September 26

Good question. I'll be looking for clever responses. I'm just not very creative.


corbin289 - September 26

I'm not sure what to do about if its a boy unless you could find blue flowers but if its a girl you could you send pink flowers with a cute note telling then they will be having a granddaughter or if you could find a cute onesie that says grandmas girl or boy and wrap it up as a gift for them.


Happymommy - September 26

You could get a cute picture frame that says Baby Girl or Baby Boy,or blue or pink (something definitely for a girl or for a boy) and then where the picture goes have a little note/sign that says your grandson/granddaughter's picture will be ready in so many weeks. I also like the flower idea--Have fun with it!


sarah21 - September 26

Those are cute ideas.


Tory1980 - September 26

Why not get coloured bibs with I love grandma/granny/grandad or something along those lines. Better still if they live close by get them round for dinner and wear a t-shirt in pink or blue saying we are having a girl/boy. Be warned though as baby may not co-operate and it may mean you won't know the s_x for a while yet! LOL!


Stephanie_31 - September 26

I was going to suggest the t-shirt idea. If you have other children (or dogs!) dress them in a t-shirt that says "My baby (brother or sister) can't wait to meet you!" See how long it takes them to notice. I used the picture frame idea to tell my parents I was pg. I put a picture from the u/s in a frame and had my daughter give it to them. You could have the ultra sound tech take a picture of the "gender foretelling parts" and then write “Can you guess what I am from this picture?” on the image. Then frame it (in a non-gender frame) and give it to them. I know my Mom loves having her own pictures to show off.


Stephanie_31 - September 26

What about having them for dinner and settnig out plates, napkins, cups, utensils, table cloths and center piece in the colour that is appropriate. You could even serve food that you can dye.


tynadu - September 27

I plan to have the U/S tech to write it down on paper and not tell me. I am letting my parents see the results before me and DH. I have even given them the option of not telling us and letting it be a surprise to us!


Buffi R. - September 27

If you haven't already told them the date of the ultrasound, "fib" a little and tell them it's a week or so later. That will give you more time to plan on how to break the news to them, and if you tell them early, they'll be even more surprised. I had to do this with my MIL because she was sooooo hoping for us to have a girl (we are!!) and I knew if it was a boy, I'd just tell her, but if it was a girl I'd want to do something special like with a pink onsie or something like that. If she didn't get a call immediately after the appt, she'd know it was a girl, so I planned on telling her a later date for the appt. In the end, I ended up telling her the truth and even invited her to the U/S and when we ALL found out at the same time that it was a girl, she cried tears of joy. It was really cool.


Alirose - October 1

Just a bit of clarification: gender relates to one's ident_ty, while s_x is biological....thus, it's impossible to know your baby's gender until it is old enough to self identify.


Skyla - October 2

OH Please Alirose, let us have our fun. WE all know what we mean.


Rainbowbrite - October 2

Skyla i was thinking the same thing but then i was just like to each their own... we all know what kind of sight this can be!


sarah21 - October 2

I am way confused by Alirose's comment. Blonde moment for me I guess. Anyway, my mom is coming to the ultrasound. She asked us if she could come and neither of us have a problem with it. My stepdad has to work, so we'll get to tell him. Maybe have him on speakerphone for the ultrasound.


Rainbowbrite - October 2

I've decided what i am gonna do. I am gonna go to my moms house and put a card in her mailbox... then inside the card i am gonna put a post it note and tell her to go find the next post it note... and then i'll send her around a few places in her house and finally when she finds that last post it note i am gonna have a gift wrapped and inside she'll have a gender specific gift telling her what it is... also while she is at work, i'm going to tell her the baby would not cooperate (so hopefully he/she does) and she'll be bummed all day... but we work together and i know if i don't tell her something she'll hound me all day and if i don't answer my phone she'll think some thing bad and i don't want her to worry... so since i'm taking that day off of work, i'll call and just tell her the baby would not cooperate and we couldn't see... but give her all the other details on the size... stuff about the baby, i guess i just will have to hope i dont slip and say he/she... lol


Alirose - October 2

"OH Please Alirose, let us have our fun. WE all know what we mean." Do you though? I'm not so sure! I'm not trying to ruin your fun...just trying to educate a little.


sarah21 - October 2

Please educate me! What are you talking about?! And Rainbow, that is such a cute idea!



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