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Sabine - October 29

Hi ladies, I am in my first trimester (almost 6 weeks) and I have a negative blood type and my husband has a positive blood type. I know that there is a RH factor involved and I am at risk at creating anti-bodies against my baby. Have/Has anyone of you experienced this? What did they do? I know when I see my OBGYN they will take care of it (its on my file in big letters) but its too early for me to see them and I want to know ahead of time! Any info would be great.


Aerinsue - October 29

I'm a negative and my husband is a positive. They will take care of it later in your pregnancy...I think it's around 28 weeks. You will get an injection called RhIg which suppresses your ability to react to the Rh positive red cells. It's no big deal! I didn't feel any different in the process. Congrats on your pregnancy!


comommy - October 30

I'm rH negative (O neg) and during any pregnancy, if the woman is neg, they get RhoGam shot in the rear anytime during the preg if there is bleeding, a m/c, ectopic etc, but standard dose would be only a Rhogam at 28 wks and right after delivery. You can ask for thimerosal free RhoGam (it doesn't have mercury) (HOPE THE REST of this paragraph doesn't offend anyone, I am just trying to state all the facts---since the verdict is still out as far as if the thimerosal causes autism, I fully believe if enough doeses of thimerosal are acc_mulated, (ie Rhogam, flu and other vaccines given while preg or given to a child), that there is a truly higher risk of autism in those kids/babies who are predisposed to not excrete the mercury properly, it acc_mulates in the brain, etc. Maybe too much info, BUT, I am a physician a__sistant (NOT a medical a__st) and have a son on the autism spectrum (age 7) who has toxic levels of mercury in his system, and I had 3 rhogam, 3 hepat_tis B, 1 flu shot, and he had all his mercury laiden vaccines on time. (including 5 flu shots due to high risk w/ashthma). All his specialists feel very strongly about his mercury laiden body and thus his autism being cause by the thimerosal exposure from his vaccines, I have done the research about this thimerosal fact and can send you the links. But, bottom line, you'll just need RhoGam shots, as mentioned, but if you don't get them, there is a huge risk of developing antibodies to future pregnancies that can result in hydrops fetalis, among a few other things that can be fatal to future fetuses. Hope that doesn't freek you out, Rh Neg is really not a huge issue at all... GL and congrats.


angelmonkey - October 30

i am also refus negative and here they just give you an anti D injection in your bum at 28weeks and when you give birth and if you have a fall they will give you one , i had a fall a couple of weeks back and they gave me one even though there was no bleeding.............they told me its not as risky in your first pregnancy as it is in your 2nd 3rd so on as long as you have the injections everything should be fine


jac1019 - November 11

I am Rh- negative as well, and have been a__sured there is nothing to worry about as long as you get your prenatal care from your Ob. Don't let this be the thing that stresses you out!


tylersmommy - November 18

I am 27 weeks on friday and I was just informed that i am rh negetive and that I need that rhogam shot. ok 1. I had no idea its a b___t shot!!! do they hurt more than arm shots?? i dun care if that sounds dumb or not :) i am nervous when it come to needles. and 2. is anyone else not sure about that rhogam??? I was reading some stuff online about it and it really freaked me out. did anyone get sick from the shot??



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