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ejmeskan - January 25

I am 24 weeks and my ribs in my upper back are killing me. Does anyone else have this? Is it normal. I have my normal lower back pain which unfortunately is a result of sciatica, but then this upper rib pain makes it difficult to breath at times.


time4more - January 25

there is rib pain that is normal from baby kicking and there is rib pain that could be symptomatic of gallbladder issues....which is very common in pregnancy..... if your upper rib pain is mainly on the right and seems to come most often after eating, tell your doc asap...... i hope you are doing alright!


Kathryn - January 26

I had rib pain with my first pregnancy. It was under my right b___st. I joked and said my baby's foot was stuck. Well, as it turned out, my son's foot was stuck and when he was born it was turned in because he was unable to move it. We had to do exercises with it to straigten it out. I don't remember saying anything to my doctor about it, but I suggest that you do. Good luck!


ejmeskan - January 26

Oh no!! I just thought my ribs were moving! ha! Okay- I will mention it with my doctor. The good news is this isn't always happening- it is only if I sit in one position for to long! Thanks for the advice!


danimarie - January 26

I am 27 weeks and I KNOW my baby shoves her foot up there. I hate it. I know it is her cause it will hurt and then usually right after it stops hurting she kicks RIGHT BY my rib....so annoying...but her foot isn't stuck, cause it only happens once in awhile.


ejmeskan - January 26

I hope this doesn't happen to me. Sounds more painful then what I am experiencing now! My baby is still breech so instead of my ribs I get kicks in my cervix! It may not make life very comfortable once it moves head down!!! Thanks!


bigtums - January 27

I have that same pain right under my right b___st. Sneezing or coughing is the worst! I have to brace myself for the pain. I'm only 17weeks along, so I can only imagine it will get worse.



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