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anon - February 4

can i still go on rides if i am 20 wks pg ? What rides can i go on ?


EL - February 4

I a__sume you mean amus____nt park rides? Well I would first look a tthe warning signs. Then I would use caution like no bumper cars or roller coasters. I would think spinning is okay as long as pressure is not exerted on your abdomen. Also in the interest of being cautious I would probably for go the trip to the park but that's just me. I love rides and sking and I have had to give up both until this baby is born.


E - February 4

I would stick with rides such as "Dumbo's Big Adventure" (Disney?) and avoid rides that spin, are bumpy, or travel at medium to high speeds. Common sense is key. I will bet my baby that your doctor has an opinion about this question. I would call him/her since you are unsure about what is safe while pregnant.


selena - February 4

just dont go on a ride full stop. it could be harmful so for a 3min ride i wouldnt risk it... think about it


molly - October 28

i am 5 weeks postpartum and i am going to 6 flags great america on saturday the 29 of oct. I had a few st_tches in my v____al area torward the opening. I am worried after someone told me that I should not ride the G-Force rides because it could be bad for me and my recovery I dont want to call my Doc and ask afraid she'll tell me no I should not go...Problem is we already purchased the tickets....HELP I NEED FEEDBACK ASAP also my email is [email protected]


Natalie - October 28

i wouldnt go on anything at 20 weeks. the force and movement alone can cause you to go into miscarriage. even worse, the chemicals your body produces can cause the baby to be distressed or you to go into early labour. id stick to the nice gentle boat rides etc for example, its a small world afterall


Maggie - October 28

My doc said no rides until after the baby is born. The adrenaline rush you get from rides can cause your blood pressure and pulse to go dangerously high, and it could hurt the baby.


djb - October 28

Sometimes if you are paying your admission at the gate you can explain to them that you are pregnant and that you won't be going on any of the rides and they might give you a discount on your admission--it worked for me saved us $11.00.



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