Ridiculously Frequent Urination

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jessica72 - January 14

I know frequent urination is a common thing with pregnancy, but I thought it would let up in the second trimester. I am almost 24wks, and sometimes I pee every 15 minutes in one hour! It's getting ridiculous. I drink lots of water, but it always seems I have the urge to go. I may get tested for a UTI which I already have dealt with earlier, but I just wonder if anybody else is experiencing this.


Tracy88 - January 14

I always feel the urge and then get to the toilet for just a trickle to come out. The doc said this is normal and that there is a lot of pressure on the bladder these days. Plus during one of my last U/S's the baby was dancing on my bladder. I thought for sure I probably had a UTI, but the doc said no. Everytime you go to the OB, they check your urine for various things and mine was clean. Just part of having a child resting on your organs I guess!


Cad0587 - January 15

I know what you mean! I get tested for a UTI everytime I go to the doctors and I never have one yet I pee VERY frequently. Sometimes I can seriously feel like I already have to go as I walk out of the bathroom after going! haha and I never go a lot, it's just a little yet it feels like I have to go a lot.


jendean00 - January 15

Jessica, I could have written this post except I am only 17 weeks. I did however go to the doctor because I thought I had a UTI. They tested my urine, did and U/S to look at my ovaries to see if I had any cyst. Everything was normal. They just said normal pregnancy stuff. This is my 1st baby so I am not sure how I am supposed to feel. But like you sometimes I could go every 15 min and after I go my bladder still feels full. I guess its good to know it does not change at 24 weeks.


Tracy88 - January 15

Cad0857.....That's why I thought I had a UTI.....because I go to the bathroom, stand up and feel like I have to go again after three steps to leave the room. My doctor's office is literally within walking distance and the other day, I peed before I left, got there and peed, then peed right before I left, and then again when I got to my next destination. I read somewhere that your amniotic fluid replaces itself about every three hours, so just make sure you get enough water even if peeing is the inevitable side effect.


ophelia73 - January 15

So glad I am not alone. I feel like I should just move my computer into the restroom here at work. I'd probably get more done!! Can't seem to stay out of the restroom, but I tell myself that my kidneys are flushing the bad stuff out, and baby is probably right on top of it right now. Plus, it's only temporary!!


excited2bemama - January 15

This is totally me too. I am 20 weeks and have not seen a let up this freuquent urination either. Somtimes at night I get up5-6 times between 9 pm and 7 am and during the day its not uncommon for me to go three times an hour or more- I guzzle water all day so I am sure that doesn't help- oh yeah and my little girl loves to lie on top of my bladder so I always feel like I have to pee.... even right after I go!!!


jessica72 - January 15

Thanks ladies. Good to know it sounds pretty common. And then they say as you get closer to term you have to watch the "tinkles" when you laugh or sneeze, etc. Happy happy joy joy :) It is sooo worth it, but it's funny how I almost don't remember what a non-pregnant body feels like. I too go about 5-6 times through the night. What does sleeping 8 hours straight feel like anymore? Hugs :-)



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