Rogane Shot At 26 Weeks

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mandee25 - July 10

I have to get my Rogane shot August 14th when I am about 26 weeks. This is because I am A- blood type and my hubby's is O+. In case the baby has my hubby's blood type I have to get a shot so my body won't reject the baby where the blood type could differ from mine. How many of you have to have this? I also have to get one after the baby's born I think.


babybird - July 10

I have had it with both of my previous pregnancies and again with this one. I am also A- and my husband is A+. You will need a Rhogam shot after the baby's born only if it has a positive RH factor. If it's blood type is negative you won't need it. Both of my sons are positive so I had to have it both times. It's not too bad. They usually put it in your b___t and it only hurts for a minute. But they have always done mine at exactly 28 weeks. I wonder why you're getting yours 2 weeks early? Well anyway, good luck.


tryingx3 - July 10

Just had mine done last week at 28 weeks...they also say you need to have one anytime you bleed and are pg (like in the 1st/2nd trimester)...fortunately I didn't have that this time!


SuzieQ - July 10

I'm A- and dh is A+. I just had my rhogam shot this morning at 28 weeks - only stung for a second on my b___t :) I also had one at 7wks due to some early bleeding, and shots after each of my previous miscarriages. You'll get another shot after the baby is born, if they're rh+. Thanks to blood donors, this shot is giving women who are rh- a chance to have more than one child. My stepmother could only have my sister and then was told it was too risky to have another child 40 years ago.


olivia - July 10

I will get mine at 28 weeks. I am A- my husband A+. My first was A- so I lucked out on that second shot for the first round.


HannahBaby - July 10

its RHOGAM honey. Rogane is for hair loss :O)


sahmof3 - July 14

I had it after my first pregnancy (m/c) and then at/around 28 weeks with the next three. I'm A-, dh is O+. I didn't have to get it after any of mine as they are O- (my little potential blood donor- hehe), A- and A-. I got my shot in the arm.


sahmof3 - July 14

And I forgot to say that I had the one at 26 weeks. There was another question in one of the categories on here, too, about if you can get it later than 28 weeks and some ppl had (even up to 31 weeks), so I guess there's a wide range of when they can do it!!



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