Roller Coasters Or Other Rides Safe

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Sarah Anne - April 11

I am 14 weeks, and I was wondering if any kind of rides would be safe on the baby. Could anyone please help me out here. I really would like to have a little fun at the fair, but not if it'll harm my baby!!!!!!


Jenn - April 11

Actually I've been told all rides are pretty unsafe. They should have a sign saying "No pregnant riders" I know how you feel though, it sucks being left out of that fun.


Foxy - April 11

Roller Coasters are definately out. It sucks doesn't it! I guess very gentle rides are ok, like a merry-go-round or big wheel, but where's the fun in that? I'm particuarly annoyed about this because I bought a £160 season ticket to Tussauds group theme parks just weeks before I found out I was pregnant. :-( I wanted to have a whole summer of fun, but now it'll be just a whole summer of watching other people have fun.I plan to hand my baby over to my mother for a day, at the end of september, just so that I can make use of that bloody season card before the summer's out. It'll be the most expensive day out I ever had. Lol! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Maleficent - April 11

rollercoasters and thrill rides are a definate no. ferris wheels and carousels are probly fine. alot of the kiddie rides at disney are considered safe. hell, if they let my infant on pirates of the carribean i don't see why it would be risky during pregnancy.


Vina - April 11

Pirates of the caribbean has that big drop.. I would be too scared to hurt my baby :)


Jbear - April 13

Most rides at the big amus____nt parks have a warning sign at the entrance to the ride, and most of the rides say you can't ride if you're pregnant. I would definitely stay away from carnival rides (but then I always think they're dangerous). You must be feeling better than I am, to even want to go on rides. (I'm having serious trouble with dizziness).


Jenn - April 13

Supposedly the sudden drops in gravity can be detrimental to the baby...



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