Round Lig Pain Where Exactly Is The Groin

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jessica72 - January 20

Girls, I know the classic definition of round ligament pain is brief stabbing pain on the sides of the abdomen and in the groin. Well is the groin the area around the va___al area including the internal muscles? I am 24 weeks and have been feeling a dull pain in the crotch area down low that almost feels internal. It comes and goes, thank goodness, but sometimes it's a shooting pain in the ahem...labia area. Is this all part of the wonderful world of round lig pain or do any of you have other ideas? It's been awhile since anatomy :)


sarahd - January 20

Is it coming in waves, or just at random times?


jessica72 - January 20

Just at random times.


jendean00 - January 20 I literally just hung up with the on call doctor about this. It started on me last night around 7PM and cont'd thru the night I would wake up and lay there for a little while and wait for it to happen again. I woke up this morning and I am still having it. Mine feels like little spasm and they are at random times as well. The on call doctor asked about burning or itching when I urinate and since that was not present he ruled mine as Round lig pain.


jessicaspatherapist - January 20

hi Jessica, your groin definitely does not involve your labia! lol...however it does involve the bikini line its basically everywhere that you'd get waxed (but its the muscles underneath). I'm not sure what it is that's happening to you girls...however i have had some really weird spasms in the perenium (the area between your a__s and your v____a) and that feels like shooting pains too....also random..... hopefully its just the increased blood flow to the area...i do know that your skin down there changes color, ph, and even maybe all that causes some discomfort in some people? just a guess.....good luck.


Tracy88 - January 20

I occasionally get a pain which is definitely internal and in my hoo-haa. I don't know what it is, but it never worried me because it wasn't consistent, nor was it often enough to raise concern in me. I just figured with as much growing and stretching as I am doing, that I was bound to feel something in "there".


Allisonc79 - January 21

Maybe its from the hormone Relaxin, which is what softens and makes that area more elastic for delivery. You could more easily have stretched it to cause discomfort from exercise, or stretching. I get shooting pains in that area now and then too. But lately I also can feel a tearing sensation if I reach for something and stretch my arm to harshly etc. Its crazy to see your body go through all these changes, its like going through puberty again! lol


Allisonc79 - January 21

Progesterone also softens your ligs as well, I just looked it up and supposedly there isn't too much research on what causes pubic pain but right now they seem to chalk it up as hormones.


jessica72 - January 21

Thanks everyone. I take comfort in knowing there is literature at all on it. :) I wish I could interview my great great grandmothers to ask them what they thought of all these little pains and aches they surely experienced as well with probably no explanation to be had. It's hard to imagine not having these resources to put your mind at ease. Hugs :)


dea - January 23

Hi Jessica and all: I had similar feelings a few weeks back. It felt as though someone had kicked me in the groin area. Mine was a varicose vein on my labia. More common than I ever thought. If that's what's going on...Sleep with pillow between knees, DO NOT sleep on your right side, flat shoes, no tight fitting pants in that area and going commando does help. Your dr. can look for you-- I used a mirror, saw mine and then the dr. confirmed it. Mine feels much better now- Hope this helps! GL


Maggie - January 23

I've had 2 kids already and had this with both pregnancies, and it is completely normal. It started for me at around 25 weeks and didn't stop until they were born. In the third trimester sometimes it will stop you in your tracks. All it is the baby growing and putting pressure on the groin area. As long as you don't feel pain when you urinate, or are bleeding it is nothing to worry about.


ejmeskan - January 25

Jessica, I am just entering 24 weeks and think I am experiencing the same thing. Mine feels like my bones and things are seperating between my legs. It hurts the most when I get up from sitting or lying for a while. I just a__sumed it was a part of pregnancy. But it is dull pain between my legs- that is the easiest way to describe it.


steph115 - January 25

I asked my OB about this (pain "down there" after sitting) and she said it is muscular pain related to the pressure from the uterus and baby on that area. She said that since this is my second baby that I could think of the muscles as a trampoline and since they've been jumped on before, they are a little less elastic and more prone to pain/discomfort. Wasn't really thrilled with the mental image of a stretched out trampoline between my legs, but I guess it was an explanation!



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