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bbdreams - July 30

Hey ladies, I'm curious who has experienced round ligament pain and what it felt like to you. Last week was the first time I had what I hope is just round ligament pain. It has now happened 4 times in total. It lasts 10-30 mins and is located in my lower abdomen(best described as along my bikini line area). It hurts quite a lot but once it's past I feel fine. Is this normal? If you have experienced it what was it like for you? Thanks!


bbdreams - July 30

Oh I forgot to mention that I'm 16 weeks and 2 days currently.


bbdreams - July 31

To update, I woke up last night again with some pain and then it happened again this afternoon(happily it was less severe these times). There's no cramping or blood, but it still freaks me out!


KOGreer - July 31

When I have RLP, it is only for a few seconds. Like if I sneeze while laying down, or turn over quickly in bed, I'll get pain usually on my right side. But again, it is only for a few seconds, not for minutes. So i wonder if it is the same thing?


beautifulpig - August 2

Hi I am 14 weeks pregnant and experiencing it. I have had dull aches in my stomache throughout and everything was fine at my scan, they kind of come and go every few days. Last night I woke up to a sharp pain in my lower abdomen to the right, it felt like stretching. I also felt it when I was walking round the shops earlier. The pain is more uncomfortable than anything else, its just a new one on me to feel pains in that area as its my first pregnancy and my period pains only ever last for about half an hour. After speaking to the midwife and friends, it is normal.


angelmonkey - August 3

im currently 12 weeks 1 day and i,ve had it since about 6weeks to be it kinda feels like period pains, i was worried at first but everything was fine at my 10weeks scan


FlyBear - August 3

Well I had a weird pain last night in my right side, and I looked it up and think it could have been round ligament. I looked at a couple of sites that said round ligament pain starts right above your v____a area and moves up and out to about right above your hip bones. That's about where it was when I really noticed it. I only felt it when I moved and it only lasted about 30 minutes, but it still freaked me out. Does that sound like it could be round liagment to you ladies or something else?


bbdreams - August 4

Hey flybear - that sounds like the same pain I have been experiencing. I asked my friend(who has 3 kids) and she said she had it, and that it comes and goes. I will definitely mention it at my next doctors appointment, but for now I am a__suming it's just normal pain a__sociated with the muscles stretching and growing. As long as it's not accompanied by spotting/bleeding or severe cramping I am going to just see how it goes.


oct19bad - August 4

I had it on friday night and it went into saturday. it was on my left side and it really scared me too. It felt like sharp pains or electric shocks.


AMBERBABY4 - August 4

i have been getting it quite often but from what i have read aparently your insides are getting a stir of there lives cause they are positioning them selvesto make it more comfortable for baby and ya bottom part of your spine moves in wards like a half (S) IM 20WKS AT THIS TIME



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