Round Ligament Pain

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karen - December 8

I keep hearing about round ligament pain, and I'm wondering (hoping) that's the explanation for some of the pains I have. Sometimes when I cough or get up suddenly (espeically first thing in the morning), I have sort of a stabbing pain very low in my abdomen. Usually one one side. It lasts just for a few seconds. Is that the round ligament pain?


Shawna - December 8

It sure sounds like what I've experienced recently, and also how it is described in the books I've read. Sudden movements seem to make them sharper.


karen - December 8

Thanks, I hope so. I forgot to mention that I'm 20 weeks. It seems to be a sharper pain now than it used to be.


Petra - December 8

My midwife suggested not flipping over in bed too quickly in order to avoid that sort of pain. The ligaments that support the uterus are getting stretched and quick movement can affect 'em.


sparkles - December 8

It definately sounds like ligament pain to me. I get them and they hurt bad! I'm 20 1/2 weeks PG and it seems like the longer I go, the worse the pain is when I get them. I, also, noticed that I can feel the pain up both sides of my abdomen up to my first ribs. I guess my ever growing uterus is stretching them up higher and higher!


g - December 8

There are 2 types of pain that often get confused. Round ligament pain tends to be on one side or the other. The pain that is directly on the pubic bone is usually pubic symphysis disfunction. One of the more unique complaints of this is pain when you roll over in bed. PSD is caused by the joint in your pelvis getting stretched out or misaligned. I have experienced them both...niether are fun.


Becky - December 9

I had that, too, and when I went to my chiropractor, she told me how to stretch them at home. After week or so, the pain stopped. She showed me how to find them (right along your bikini line, just under your hip bone) then press on them to stretch them out. Hurt a lot at first, so I had my hubby do it, but each time it hurt less. I would strongly recommend regularly seeing a chiropractor during your pregnancy....I go every month. With the changes going on, your spine and hips are constantly trying to compensate, and you want to make sure everything is working together properly. It will even help during labor. She's had 2 kids, so I trust her.


Ba8y6irl - December 12

I have the same thing. I get it when I am laying down and lift my leg, or I roll over to fast, or jump up to fast. I was worried cuz the pain is around when my ovearies are, it feels like the starting of a cyst pain. I have had 2 cysts burst on my ovaries and thats what it felt like was starting, and I got real worried, but now that I read that its not just me that get the pain near the bikini line, then I am a little more at ease... I guess its just another thing we all gotta deal with :)



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