Round Ligament Pain

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ry - November 12

Hi, hope you all are well. My question is have any of you experienced round ligament pain? I am 19 weeks today and am having VERY sharp pains on my pubic bone on the left side very low. I read about round ligament pains and assuming this is what this is but it REALLY HURTS!!! i am not doubling over from pain but am feeling VERY uncomfortable. Is this normal and if so what helps? (i am lying down now and it is not helping) I cant talk to my doctor til Monday.


lisa - November 12

Hi Ry! I was just coming on line to ask someone about the same sort of thing. At 18 or 19 weeks I had the same pain every time I stayed in the same position for too long. It lasted for two days and then went away. Now I am 22 weeks and I am having the same sort of pains again but this time it feels higher up- like my abs are getting streched in weird shapes or something? Almost like my abdominal muscles are overstretched or cramping- so painful and I cannot get comfortable. I have found that walking helps me- but staying immobile for too long only makes it worse. Good luck!!!!!!


R - November 12

I'm a little over 17 weeks, first baby, & get occasion pains like that. Sometimes when I cough or sneeze, a nanosecond later I'm like "Oh!" because there's a sharp pain there. And I get a few pains higher (like at my belly b___ton) & even lower, which strikes me as odd, but apparently is normal.


Jill - November 13

I am 16 weeks and have been getting it. One night I was laying in bed watching TV and it was hard to get up because it hurt. Then for some reason I kept laughing about it which of course made it hurt much worse!


erinsoul - November 13

I'm 27 weeks now and have been experiencing very strong pain for about 2 weeks. I used to feel it from time to time like I was sore from a work out. Now it's very sharp, very painful, mostly in the groin area, but extends to lower abs and top back of my right hip. I feel it when I stand after sitting, when I'm sitting or laying down and I lean or roll to one side, and when I raise a leg to get dressed. It will literally stop me in my tracks it hurts so much. I am going through a belly growth spurt, so I had chalked it up to that, but I plan to ask my doctor about it this week. I know the pain is normal but should it really hurt this much?


sparkles - November 13

I have experienced round ligament pain and know exactly what your talking about. I actually got this before I was pregnant, it is nothing new for me. I get sharp pains in my lower abdomen-specifically along the sides almost in a V shape to my pubic area. I don't get them all the time, but sometimes when I cough, laugh, stretch, roll over, etc.... Pretty much anything that stretches or works those ligaments. It's just caused from your round ligaments (located on either side of your uterus) being stretched and pulled by your growing uterus. These pains are very normal and can sometimes last for hours. Mine normally last for less than a minute, but can REALLY hurt and make me cry out in pain when I do feel them. I had one episode of pain that actually caused me to have trouble walking, lifting my leg, etc... It came on unexpectedly and only lasted for 15 minutes, and then was gone. My midwife said this is all a normal part of pregnancy. The only thing I would be concerned about is the pain lasting longer than several hours. For that, I would call your doctor. Hope this helps and your pains doesn't last too long. :)


Karen - November 13

Hi gals - this is my first baby and am 18 weeks and three days and have had round ligament pain since week 8 or 9 - its been increasingly worse over the past two weeks with pain shooting down towards my pubic bone - very painful and lately if I sit too long when I get up - there is lots of pressure. Over the past two days - the stretching pains on either side are more extreme -so I am figuring I am in a major growth spurt. The pain lasts no longer than a few seconds but they are much more frequent - like once every hour or two. My midwife says its completely normal and when the pressure seems worse - not to push myself - rest and keep my legs together...and it does help! I agree with all of you - I can't believe how painful it can be - but I'm super sensitive to any type of pain and have a low threshold. Birth is gonna be real fun!! If I don't pa__s out...haha. The pain sometimes is sharp and stabbing - other types its a bit of an ache that doesn't last any longer than 1/2 minute. I hope this helps...they say it suppose to get better after week 24 - truth or tale - I guess I'll find out!


Karen - November 13

Oh - and sometimes walking or lifting one leg is really uncomfortable with pain...but this comes and goes...I sit on the bed now to put on my underwear and pants and sit to put on shoes so I'm not bearing weight on just one leg - again I find this really helps with management of the pain.


G - November 14

You guys might be talking about two different pains. Round ligament pain are the pains that seem to make the V- or at least half of it. They seem to be common when you sneeze and such... Then there is a lesser known Pubic Symphsis Dysfunction. Your pubic symphsis is the joint in the front of your pelvis. With pregnancy that joint loosens and sometimes gets inflamed. Women who suffer from it most often complain of turning over in bed. It is a sharp pain in the center of your pubic bone.


Karen - November 14

Yes I have read about this and described it to my midwife but she looked non-interested and chalked up my pain to round ligament - if my pain increases I believe I will be taking a second look at the PSD possibility. For now it is manageable for me but I would suggest that any women experiencing similar pain should see their doctor...


G - November 15

I had to laugh because the doctor I had with my first two pregnancies had no idea what I was talking about, but my doctor I have had with #3 and 4 is female. She knows what I am talking about. She has even experienced it, but she still said there wasn't much they could do about it and wasn't very worried about it unless it gets much worse.



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