Rude People Vent

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zinger43 - February 13

Ok...just have to get this out...I went for an ultrasound today...I am 15w2d....anyway...the technician was SO RUDE. I went straight from work and was a few minutes early. My appt. was for 2:20. At 2:10 she called me back and I told her that my fiance was just 5 minutes away and would like to wait for him (again this is 10 minutes before my scheduled appt.) She says to me in a very crass tone, "No, we can't wait. I have somebody after you." I reminded her that my actual appt. wasn't for another 10 minutes. She just ignored me and began asking the standard lmp and such questions. When my fiance arrived it was 4 minutes before 2:20. He knocked to come in and she didn't even look his way. Then she kept saying that I shouldn't be there becuase the doctor sent me too early for a fetal anatomy if this is my fault!?! Anyway...I just couldn't believe how rude this b*#%* was. Seriously. It's like get a new job if you hate it so much, ya know!!!!!!!!!!


krnj - February 13

That's horrible! Is there any way you can report her to someone higher up?


zinger43 - February 13

Yeah...I am seriously considering it...I know this hospital group is really trying to market themselves...last year after my D&E they called to check up on the quality of the service I recieved so I would bet that they may appreciate hearing about this person. I will definitly probably try calling someone tomorrow. I


lily10 - February 13

Some people are just so miserable they want to bring the rest of us into to their miserable existence!! Sorry you had to deal with this woman. I think you should report her.


steph115 - February 13

Zinger, I had almost the same experience at the high risk OB I went to for my level 2 u/s. She wasn't nearly as rude, but at one point when she had left to get the dr, I said to my husband "She has the personality of a pit viper!" I am in healthcare and I would never treat a patient in that manner and if someone I was supervising did, I would definitely not be happy. There is no excuse to treat a patient rudely. Sorry for your experience.


zinger43 - February 13

thanks for your's just frustrating that people are so miserable with their own lives that they try to make all around them the same's hard to understand when you've never been that way! Of course i'm one of those people that afterwards think of 101 things i should have said!!!!!!!!



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