Sad But Happy

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TinaSos - March 1

I went for my US and they could not see the s_x it was covered by the cord. The baby is fine but I feel so sad that I could not find out. This was the last US inless something goes wrong. My doctor only does 2 I had one at 10 weeks and today at 22 weeks. I cried b/c I couldn't find out and know I feel so stupid for crying. My baby appears healthy and was moving around alot, so that was great!


britt_m - March 1

I'm really sorry you didn't find out the s_x. I was so worried I wouldn't find out, and since we live across country from family and friends it was kind of important. I don't know how you feel about the 3-d/4-d ultrasounds, I had one done at 21.5 weeks, it was awesome. Maybe you'd have a better chance at finding out then. I'm glad the baby is fine! GL


jodie - March 1

That sucks!! You should deffinately do the 3D/4D if you really want to know the s_x.. Then you can also have some fun pictures for the baby book.


suze42 - March 1

That sucks your doc wont do another u/s. My doc always trys to tell me insurance may not cover it...So i told her not to worry about it..if it doesnt we'll pay!! If you really want one I dont think they can deny you..can they? That would be like requesting a catscan and a doc saying no...So stupid....I hope you get another!!!!!! Oh my OB w/my first did u/s everytime i went in..i dont think she counted or submitted them to insurance..she just did them. So they CAN do them...its just an insurance matter I believe.


TinaSos - March 1

i don't know of any places that do the 3d 4d around were i live


TinaSos - March 1

I just need to know that its ok that since this pregnancy was a surprise this is just another surprise.


Terio - March 2

Hey Tina, I think Suze is right. I happened to be reading some of the literature from my ob and if I want to request another ultrasound and pay for it out of pocket I can always do that. In fact, my ob said if the baby is uncooperative during the u/s and another is needed to determine s_x, they perform a second for only $75 - because lot's of people run into what you did. I know every place is different, but I bet there's a good chance your ob offers something similar.


Shannon - March 2

that happened with me with my first baby. she just wasn't positioned right for the technician to see. so dh and i just took it on faith that she was a girl and we were right :D we're hoping this time around if we just convince ourselves it's a boy then it will be lol. it is a pain not knowing, and having to wait to buy too many baby clothes, i must say.


jen327 - March 2

I am sorry, you could always do a 3D u/s, they are about 99$ in our area.


kimberly - March 2

Your local hospital should have a 3D or 4D scan there, just call and ask. I agree that they will reschedule one if you can afford to pay for it yourself.


kpeck - March 2

Tina Maybe you could try to look at this as a sort of adventure... something to look forward to finding out at birth. I have friends that have purposely chosen not to find out and they were really excited... and we had fun with the baby pools. I understand you being upset when you couldn't find out, I would definitely have been upset, too. There is a part of me that sort of wishes we hadn't found out... I don't know. It is ok to be surprised, that much I know.


salk - March 5

I am just the opposite. We DIDN'T want to know the s_x - not enough surprises in life as an adult. I thought how fun it would be in the delivery room as your pushing and laboring away to have a surprise and not know if it was a boy or girl till you are finished with all the hard work. BUT my doctor blurted out it is a girl before knowing we don't want to know. I know people say knowing the s_x helps in planning and all but I think people had babies for centuries without knowing and all the plans worked out. If you can't get another sonogram maybe just try to focus on this giant surprise. Better than any Christmas, birthday or anniversary surprise ever! Good luck.


TinaSos - March 5

Thanks everyone. I know I'm not getting another US (unless somthing is wrong which I hope nothing is) and I'm ok with that. I'm really excited about the surprise now, my pregance was a surprise so this is just a added surprise. So yellow, and green will be the choosen colors for now.


KellyCano - March 7

You can have a privtae 4d ultrasound for about $200 bucks. We had one done and they can make a cd pictures etc. You should look into it and google your area and location to find a facility that does this.



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