Safe To Go To A Concert While Pregnant

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Nell143 - July 31

Is it safe to go to a concert while being pregnant. I will be 5 months on the day of the concert. Is it dangerous to go in a loud environment and vibration?


Geisa - July 31

Hi Nell143. I heard it is not good. My husband wants me to go to this concert next week (I'll be 25 weeks by them), but I don't wanna risk. But I'm not so sure. I just read it online once. Maybe you should check with your dc to be sure.


Shanna - July 31

I tried going with my hubby to a concert when I was pregnant with our dd, it was held at the local fairgrounds and as soon as that music started, she gave me a sharp kick. It was VERY loud, i started feeling sick to my stomach, it was that loud (country music, not rock!) so knowing we would not get a refund, I told hubby to stay and I would walk around the fairground.


Mommy_to_be - August 1

It can be dangerous. According to What to Expect When You're Expecting....exposure to loud noise and or vibration for hours can cause your baby to have high pitch hearing loss, growth retardation, and stresses the baby in general. One concert might not damage the baby, but I'm choosing not to even risk it.


hollyg - August 1

Hi Nell, It's weird how similar our stories are! I just bought tickets to Elton John for September, I'll be 25 weeks by then, and it didn't even occur to me to be worried! I'll have to look into that...thanks for the heads up! Good luck in your decision...I'm afraid it's too late for me, I already bought the tickets!


venus_in_scorpio - August 1

i went to pearl jam but i was only 12 weeks. my doctor when i asked said she wouldnt encourage it but long term exposure to the ba__s and the vibrations of the treble and ba__s can be bad but probably it wouldnt be a problem short term.


Katherine79 - August 1

After reading this I wondered. Do you think that watching fireworks is bad? I did on the 4th of July I was about 14 weeks and it was pretty loud. Do you think it will hurt the babies hearing?


Nell143 - August 1

My bosses brother is a doctor and I asked his opinion on it and he said he didn't see anything wrong with it. I already bought my tickets this previous weekend without thinking about it. I am going to go. Venus, we are going to tool and it is in the back of the theatre. I don't think it will cause any major damage. The thing is Tool only tours every 5 years so this is a huge thing for Dh and I. We really want to go.


dyh316 - August 1

I went to a concert a few weeks ago. It was a standing room only i did get tired and actually found a chair to sit on. I don't see what the problem is with the noise?? So in that case would loud music in your car or house cause loss of hearing or retardation in your baby??


jolou - August 2

I have tickets to one of the summer weekend music festivals in a couple of weeks time, which is really loud. I asked my midwife about it, and she said it's absolutely fine, just don't stand right next to the speakers or go to the front where it is rough and you could get knocked about. She did say that the only thing to be wary of was that the crowd may make you feel a bit panniky and faint.


venus_in_scorpio - August 2

thats awesome nell i saw tool a few years back when lateralus came out and it was pretty sick!! :o) youll be fine esp in the back if you feel like its getting too loud get up and walk around the venue, ya know? thats what i did at pearl jam. i could still hear it. i dont think it will damage baby's hearing, if ya think about it... think about being in a pool with a super loud concert going on, then when your head and ears are under water think of how muffled it would be thats how baby hears ya know?


Nell143 - August 2

Well I am going to tool. Some people may not approve of it. I don't need to be up front to have a good time. My husband doesn't like being in the crowd that much anyway. Venus this is my first tool concert. My husband has been to 1 or 2..... it is going to be awesome. One of my coworkers wife went to U2 and the only thing that happened was the baby recognized the sound of U2 which I thought was pretty awesome.


dezzydoo18 - August 2

i am currently 5months pregnant and I am not trying to scare you or anything, but I went to the Tim Mcraw and Faith Hill concert here in louisiana last month and ended up collapsing! there was no way to tell if it was because of the loud music or something else. all the hospital told me that it was my blood pressure dropped instantly or maybe it was for being on my feet for a good time before the concert. all the nurses were making fun of me saying i fainted because of tim but i didnt even get to see him before i pa__sed out. I am fine now but i will not being going to any concerts ever again while i am pregnant! Good luck!


christan10 - August 5

my mom went to 3 concerts when she was preg. with me, one when she was about 10 w one when she was about 25w and she went to a def leppard concert 3 days before i was born and was just fine...i am 19 w and went to a local rock concert and was jsut fine, i asked my dr before i went and he said it should be fine and as long as i feel ok once im there it wont have any affect on baby :-)


tanyab - February 25

I have a ticket for a heavy metal gig in 4 weeks (I'll be 14 weeks then) an I am in real dillema.........if I get the seats that are quite far from the speakers, will I be ok...I guess i will have to decide then! it seems to me that there is no evidence pro or against.


star1 - February 26

hi when i was pregnant with my son i went to a big concert and a football match and my son is fine in fact while watching the football match which was very loud i remember him coming to the surface as it were as if trying to hear more!!!!!lol. both event were seated which i think is important so you have your own personal space still and are protected from people bumping into you while dancing etc. dont forget its only one evening its not prolonged exposure which is probably where the danger would come in. plus if its a big properly organised event -as opossed to a local band where they turn up the volume,- the sound will be better quallity


rcmiller - March 1

Ok, heres my professional 4th pg opinion. hahaha...I say GO TO THE CONCERT! You will be JUST FINE and so will baby. Baby is soooo cushioned in there the sound will not be a problem. Now, I wouldn't take a b__whorn and put it up to my belly and blare that! But a concert? Trust me no issues sound wise there. If you can stand being on your feet the whole time is more the issue. I went to Van Halen when I was pg with #1 and I was about 12-14 weeks. Just go to the concert and chill girls! Have a good time!



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