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cattac - October 12

Hey Sarah, The march board is so long and it's easy to skip over some posts so I thought I'd post this directly to you. Anyway, I read your post about your job and you having to cancel your ultrasound. Listen you HAVE to check into your insurance. I was 3 months along with my second pregnancy last year when I left my job/company and I opted for COBRA. I am almost positive COBRA has to be offered for you. Please call about this. I had the same exact plan it was just a little more expensive but much MUCH better than me I have health insurance now but no insurance for pregnancy because I went on my husband's health insurance after I had the baby and we had a 24 month waiting period...whoops. Anyway, call either your company or the number on the back of your insurance card and ask about continuing coverage. I used to work in insurance and I'm pretty sure they cannot cancel you in the middle of pregnancy...they have to at least offer COBRA and right now I'd KILL for cobra again. Also, just to let you know my ultrasounds are only about $100 each so if you can afford a 3d you should be able to afford a normal ultrasound. My dr office offered me a fantastic deal- apparently there are more people than you think that have to pay for their pregnancy. They gave me a flat fee (a REALLY good deal IMO) that included all dr visits, the 20 wk ultrasound, va___al delivery/baby stuff in delivery, and postnatal visit. The bloodwork is not included but it is not as expensive as you'd think and the hospitals gave me a HUGE discount. You just need to make a few phone calls and hopefully you can stay with your dr and insurance. Keep us posted and good luck! I'm so sorry about your bad luck at work!


cattac - October 15

bump just in case she didn't see it


sarah21 - October 17

Hey Melissa, thanks for the info. Sorry I didn't see this. I wasn't browsing much because my internet connection was slllooww. My cobra would cost me $544 a month, which is $200 more a month than my birthing center is charging, and if I have to go the hospital I can get medicaid to pick up the tab. So we're fortunate there. The birthing center is a great deal and their ultrasounds are also $100. Thanks again for your info!!



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