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caseyann - April 23

Hey girls. I am 19 weeks along now. I have had alot of cramping in the last month or so but it has all been concentrated on my right side mostly, the doc said this is pretty normal when I saw him. I noticed last night that I was spotting, and in the last 2 weeks the cramping has got a little worse. I went to the ER last night but I dont know if it was me because I am so scared or if they are just that unfeeling there they really made feel worse after I left. They did a ultrasound with a very old portable machine that did not allow them to see much, they baby's heart is still beating but the baby wasnt moving much at all. The doc told me that if I was having a miscarriage that there was nothing to be done anyway because the baby is not viable. I have had 5 miscarriages now and this is the furthest we have made it yet, I am just so so scared of another loss. My doc has me coming in for a better ultrasound today, so hopefully I will get some peace of mind, but I am so so scared. Thanks for listenng girls, I really love this board because there are so many caring women out there who can relate and are always willing to offer words of support.


llukenjess - April 23

Oh honey i had a little spotting recently too! i am 18w2d and if you have been having s_x or its around the time of your period that might happen. I had cramping with mine also...the spotting has stopped but i still have the cramping. Just because the baby wasn't moving that much when they did the ultrasound doesn't mean that everythings not ok....did they hear the Heart rate? was it slow? did they check your hcg levels? I am praying for you and please let us know when you get back from the doc how it goes!! good luck!


llukenjess - April 23

PS...everything with me turned out ok...


ejmeskan - April 23

Oh Caseyann I am SO sorry. You are so far along right now hopefully it isn't anything to concerning. You weren't bleeding super heavy right? Well just remember that ER docs are much less sensitive to this stuff and they don't have all of the expertise in this area. PLEASE let us know what happens and what you see. And who knows...maybe the babe was just taking a snooze! It's great that there was a heartbeat!!


caseyann - April 23

Thanks girls for all your positive words. No they couldnt tell how fast the heart was beating because the machine was very very old, just that it was beating. And it was just light spotting, all pinkish. They ran no tests at all when I went to the ER which I thought was odd, but my doc will check everything today when I go in. I will let you know what I find out. Thank you!


softbreeze200 - April 23

Hang in there girl. I am sure all is fine with your little bub! I have had constant period like cramping my whole pregnancy and I am at 25w. My Ob says it is normal. Just becasue baby was not moving much means nothing. Mine slept pretty much my entire last u/s and she is just fine. Sometimes there are various other things that can cause spotting such as sensitive cervix. You have to remember just how much extra blood is circulating in your body and especially in that reigion and sometimes it may cause spotting. Let us know how your u/s goes !! (HUGS)!


caseyann - April 23

Hey girls. Had a ultrasound today. Baby looks wonderful and heartbeat is strong. We found out we are having a boy :)!! They said the bleeding is because I have a low lying placenta. They think with close observation I will be fine. The baby was also extememly active today!! Thank you everyone for all of your positive words!! You helped me more then you will every know :)


MurphBabes - April 23

What great news Caseyanne! I read this with tears in my eyes. Please do take it easy and follow your Drs orders. Will be thinking of you and the little boy you're carrying.


mjvdec01 - April 23

Oh thank goodness your little BOY is alright. I am so happy that things are looking great.


ejmeskan - April 24

Yay!! I am so happy to hear that! And congrats on the little boy! Oh boys are so fun!!! I love having a boy!! I would love to have another one! :)


llukenjess - April 24

that is wonderful news!!! i am soo happy for you! have any names you're looking at? i just found out i'm having a girl! :-)



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