Scared Please Someone Help

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Kim - December 15

I am 14 weeks pregnant. I have lost 20 lbs since I found out I was pregnant. I cant keep anything down, ive been dehydrated 2 times. Ive been given every medication possible for morning sickness. What else is there to do? Ive already lost one last year. I cant lose another child. Please help


Becky - December 15

What does your doctor say?


kim - December 15

he is baffled.....i go back tomorrow but im still just worried


tracy - December 15

hun, i know exactly how u feel i have been so sick with this pregnancy, ( its my third), im now 12 weeks and hope to feel better soon hopefully, just try to think of the possitives of being pregnant, and some say morning sickness is a good sign! but when you got your head in a pan it sure dont feel like it does it! hang on in there, god bless u, let me know how u get on at docs ok/


Drew - December 15

A woman on another site I go to had the same problem. She actually got an i.v. line put in and a nurse came to her house once a day to hook her up to a couple bags of fluid. She was very sick, like you. Maybe ask your doc if this is possible for you. Sometimes they will also put a saline lock in and have you come to the hospital for a couple bags of fluid each day. I know you probably have had every solution under the sun suggested to you, but Sea Bands supposedly help a little too, as does accupuncture. Good luck, I really hope you feel better soon! (((HUGS)))


Melita - December 15

I understand what you're going through...I'm 15 weeks and my morning sickness (though *starting* to ease up now) was shocking between weeks 5 and 13. No meds or home rems helped me either. Unfortunately, I still don't have an appet_te and I find it hard to keep my fluids up too. Part of the reason in my case, is stress I believe. Apparently it makes these things worse - I don't know if you're facing stress at this time. Remember to have a gla__s of water after each time you puke (and in between times too of course). It feels like an uphill battle I know but keep trying. SOME fluid and nutrients will stay down. Drinking is the most important part. If it really is bad and not improving, ask your doc about an IV drip. You'll feel better and bubs will be healthy.


Monique - December 16

My dh's cousin had the same thing happen! She ended up in the hospital on an IV for a week. But they pulled through, she's due Jan.15th!! I'm surprised your doctor hasn't admitted you! Good Luck!!


lisa - December 16

my friends sister was the same she had to go to hospital in the end but baby was fine, hope the sickness starts to get better


Jennifer - December 16

mine was really bad as well...they had to put me on suppositories because i couldnt keep pills down cuz i would throw the water and the pill back up...have you tried those they worked really well for me


no name - December 18

you know alot of people are gonna blast me for this one but pot would help and it works.....



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