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Melissa - April 9

hi, I had my papsmear when I was about 2 months pregnant, now I am 5 mo 2 wks and the doctor just told me that my papsmear was abnormal, and that I had the HPV virus. I am really scared because on tuesday I have an appointment so they can take a look at my cervix with a colposcopy, I am scared is this going to affect my baby? does anyone know? I am really scared of getting cancer? does anyone know about this? thank you


Foxy - April 9

Melissa, sorry this isn't advice because I really don't know. What is HPV virus? I've never heard of it and I'm curious. Did your Doctor give you any reason to think this could be bad for your baby? Hope everything works out ok for you.


Taf - April 10

Hi Melissa. Firstly, don't panic. I know how scary it can be to discover you have an STD, but HPV (hello Foxy... HPV is the human papilloma virus, ie. the virus that causes normal warts and genital warts) is one of the most common STDs and millions of people live with it just fine :o) Often they have no symptoms and never even know they have it at all. It's mostly picked up during a routine pap smear where the cervical cells come back looking a bit abnormal. Ok... your fear that HPV may affect your bub... yes, there is sometimes the chance that your baby will develop warts in its throat... but this is RARE. Laser surgery on the baby's throat is required to stop any breathing problems that may occur. There is the potential for existing warts to grow larger (or even appear for the first time if you don't have them) during a pregnancy, which may affect the delivery of bubby as the v____a is a bit obstructed. There is no cure for HPV unfortunately... once in your system it will always stay there. Just because you have HPV does not mean you will develop warts either.... many people don't. There are a variety of treatments for genital warts (I guess these depend on where the warts are located) including lazer, freezing and some drugs. Some of the drugs are harmful to your baby and can cause birth defects... your doctor will know which ones these are. As for the cancer, again... don't panic. There are several strains of HPV but not all of them are high risk and lead to cervical or other genital cancers. You just have to be vigilant in checking for warts and have regular pap smears to make sure your cervix is not starting to develop abnormal cells which might turn cancerous. You are doing the right thing in going in for a colposcopy and getting things checked out further. It is waaaay too early to panic yet :o) You and your baby will be fine I'm sure. Take care. xxx


melissa - April 10

Thank you Taf, I feel much better, hopefully you are right and nothing wrong happens to my baby, or me, thanks again


Foxy - April 10

Thanks Taf, for clearing that up for me, I had no Idea that the genital wart virus could affect the cervix. Best of luck Melissa.



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