Scared First Time Mom

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Tracey - November 4

I'm going to be a mom for the first time in March and lately, I've been having the most bizarre dreams regarding birth and motherhood. When I wake up, I try to rationalize with myself that these are only dreams, but they make me nervous anyway. For example, I had a dream the other night that I had the baby, we brought her home and we didn't have one thing for her. No diapers, formula, clothes, NOTHING! Since then, I've been kind of nervous about actually taking care of her. It's the details that worry me. How am I going to know how much to feed her and how often? How will I know when she doesn't feel good? I know it's crazy, but I can't keep these thoughts out of my mind. Anyone else experience this?


Christine - November 4

Trust will know exactly what to do and when once the baby is here...its strange how one day you really know nothing and the next day your a pro but thats almost how it least it did for me. When my daughters are sick..instincts..its true...but its also very natural to have these dreams..and its very natural to have will do fine..try not to stress out over it all


Lisa - November 6

I think it's perfectly natural to feel this way, i am having my 5th baby and i still have concerns about wether things will go ok, every baby is different. As the previous post says, instincst will tell you, it won't take long before you get to know your baby well enough to distinguish the cries from pain, to hunger etc. I think most women have these dreams during pregnancy as well, it's very natural for any mum to be concerned about the well being of her baby. If you ever do have concerns, the hospital will usually provide you with phone numbers and other contacts before you leave, they will also provide you with lots of information and guidance while you are there. You will be fine.


brooke - November 10

I'm having my first in march too, And I have psycho dreams every night! I never get a good night sleep and I am going crazy too. But my dreams aren't only about the baby, I keep having nightmares that my husband cheats on me because I am getting a belly. I know that is completely retarded, but I wake up sooo mad at him! If you find a cure let me know, and I'll do hte same. Good Luck!


Nikki - December 28

Motherhood is equal parts instinct and trial and error. You will know certain things and other things you will learn as you go. Don't worry, things may be scary at first, but they will fall in place...really!


bry - December 30

It is amazing, mothers instinct, of course there are times when your baby will cry and that is all that is needed, just a good cry. Spend the next couple of months preparing, make a list of things you might need and get them by mid february. There are lists on the internet that are very helpful. Good Luck


Georgia - January 22

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