Scared For My Baby Is This Normal

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desperate.... - October 12

I am 16 weeks pregnant. I have been fighting with my boyfriend nonstop for weeks now. He has been unfaithful, and I choose to work thru it because I am pregnant and he really wants to be there for the baby. This is harder then I thought it wuold be! It has caused nonstop fighting and stress for me. He continues to talk to other women, they call his cell phone, he comes home with lipstick on his clothes, lies about where he is, on and on!!! so naturally, this causing fights. Last night he put his hands on me. He choked me and pushed me down by my stomach. Today I have noticed cramping. I am scared to death that I will miscarry. Is it possible to miscarry from constant stress and fighting?? I want to do what is best for me baby. If that means leaving this situation I will do it. Is my baby in danger?? Pls. any advice would be helpful!!!!


milissa - October 12

GIRLFRIEND first off dump the a__s"!! HE WILL CONTINUE to do this even when the baby is born. YOU have to be strong for your self as a women and for that baby! ALL THE STRESS and fighting wil cause you to LOOSE that baby" GIRL WE do not need men to survive" showing him you will not put up with it will in the end make him see what he has lost" BE STRONG " GIRL POWER""!!!!!! I'll have you in my thoughts!!


desperate.... - October 12

Milissa, thank you so much for your kind words. After being put down you start to believe it is true that you can't live without that person. But I have to think of the baby now. I do not want to lose my baby becuz of him. I appreciate your input!!


emily - October 12

I am sorry that you have to go thru all that mess, but you shuld really think about yourself and a baby. Leave him, Milissa is right, he will keep hurting you and even your baby. From what I know stress can harm your baby and even cause a miscarriage. So please be careful and take care of yourself.


Leisha - October 18

The other women are right. It will not get better. If anything, the additional stress of a pregnancy and baby in the house will make him more apt to hurt you and very likely the baby. You two will be better off without him. he doesn't repect you or care about you and the baby to treat you like that. And the stress is very bad for your baby. You need to accept whatever help you can get to get out oif this situation so you can concentrate on being a happy and calm mother. Good luck, my thoughts and prayers are with you.


desperate.... - October 25

I am pleased to tell you I left him! I moved in with one of my friends until I can get on my feet. That jerk would have never changed and I know it!!! Thanks for your support and kind words! Wish me luck in the future!!


E - October 25

I am so happy for you and the strength you found!! This sounds crazy but I found it easiest to leave boyfriends if I got to the point of hating them. Literally not wanting to admit that I ever dated them. That way, I knew I would never go back. Good luck to you and your baby.


Naomi - October 25

first of all do what ever you can to keep him from the baby! i am going through a nightmare with my now 5 yr old son my abusive ex husband ended up with joint custody when he was 1/8 mnths. if you need to turn to your family and friends for all the emotional support and help you are going to need, he will try to get custody if he thinks it will make your life misarable! I wish you the best if you need to you can contact me i have set up a small support group for women who have been through the same thing i have, believe it or not there are several! not many know about my support group though. you can contact me at [email protected] I will be happy to help you in anyway i can!


desperate - October 26

Thank you for your kind words and advice! It is so funny that you mention him wanting custody. That is the first thing he said to me! He wants split custody. Half of the year the baby live with me, the other half him. No way!!!!!!! Over my dead body will he get custody of my child! I am afraid that he may have more resources then I do and be able to hire an attorney. I do not want him to be part of the baby's life. He has shown me that he is not fit to be a father to our baby. I want to do this without him! Wish me luck and I will contact your support as needed! Thanks again ladies!!!


Aria - October 28

GOOD LORD WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING THERE!?!? No one is more important right now then you and tyou baby. You don't want to loose your child because of him. Leave asap. Being alive and having your child in your life is better then being six feet under.


Zakia - October 30

yes it is possible for u to have a miscarriage. All that stress u have been going through and fights. You should not even try to work anything out with him anymore dump his a__s to the curb cause u dont need a man to support u and ur baby. women can do it on their own baby trust me.


Lillie - November 1

yes. It is very important that you leave this situation. I suffer from the same thing, which unfortunately ended up in a miscarriage. Leave and don't look back. I know that it is very hard. But you have to think what's more important your boyfriend or your baby.


Mellissa - November 1

One thing to remind you: A child would prefer one happy, single and well adjusted parent in their life (with just the child support payment coming in!) than two miserable, unfaithful screaming parents who don't want to be together.


E - November 1

Mellissa is so right. Infants are affected by parental fighting and stress. Security is the important thing that you can provide to your baby and a calm, happy atmosphere is crucial to your baby's well being. Infants who witness parents fighting tend to feel tense and cry from fear and lack of security. Unfortunately, many adults think their baby doesn't notice but that is not true.


Mellissa - November 2

As a product of divorce that didn't (finally!) take place until my sister and I were in highschool, I can say with experience that no matter how good your intentions are by "staying together for the kids", you are doing NO ONE any favors. You're also teaching your kids that this kind of relationship is normal and expected and, would you wish what you have on your future baby?


Jenny - November 5

of course it's possible get the f'k out of that relationship, if you do nothing about it your just as much at fault for not leaving him..



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