Scared Of Amnio But Feel The Need To Know

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m - April 13

I'm 39 years old and 15 weeks pregnant. I'm due for my amnio next week, and I'm beginning to get scared. Has anyone else been in this situation? I am not afraid of how it will feel, like if it will hurt, I am afraid of the miscarriage risk. I realize the risk is very low, but I'm just scared. Anyone have any reassurance? TIA


Mrs O - April 14

I had one last Thurs. and the chances are so slim. The first 24 hrs. is the most critical, but i never had any bleeding or any discharge at all, which is common. I had a little bit of cramping in that area but not painful. My blood work didn't come back very good, so my dr. recommended that i go get one. I found out Monday that our precious little girl has Down's. I'm so glad I know, the not knowing was about to kill us. Good luck.


Phoebe - April 14

I am not going to get one, because there is nothing I can do about it now.. I just think that it is good to read up on all these things before, and pray for the best outcome. It's not like you can terminate the pregnancy when you are far along, and I don't think I would reguardless. We just have to try our best, and love our baby no matter what. I just did the blood tests, and after having to previous m/c one at 25 weeks, I don't want to take any chance, even though the risks are extremely slim. If you insist on knowing after bad lab results, you should get it done. I just think (for me) I would spend the rest of my pregnancy depressed.. Good luck with your decission.. and just think positive either way. Mrs O... I am sorry to hear you little bundle has Down's. I know you will give her tons of love, as you are now... and make her feel special reguardless.. best to all.


Mrs o - April 14

Believe it or not Phoebe after the shock was overr and lots of strenght thru prayer, I'm not at all depressed. I can't wait to see her, hold her and kiss her. I'm SO thankful i had the amnio b/c she has some possible problems that may require surgery after birth which means I need to deliver in the best most prepared hospital for dealing with these problems. So I'm glad so i can be prepared and deliver at facilites that take care of the babies everyday, Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.


EAS - April 14

Mrs O you sound wonderful and just a side note, my cousin has Down's and live a wonderful life. She works and has boyfriend. She has been a happy normal person and many paople fail to realize that Down's is not a death sentence or a horrible thing in many cases. I hope your daughter is as lucky as my cousin and I can tell that you are up to the challenge and are going to give her the life she needs. God Bless and Enjoy your perfect little miracle.



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