Scared Of Husband Leaving

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Scared - November 26

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and have a really good relationship with my husband. We've been together for almost 9 years now and to be honest I really don't have anything to complain about. I love him dearly and I know that he loves me very much too. But lately I have a huge fear of him leaving me. I never felt so insecure before. He really hasn't given me any reason to think that he would leave but I can't help but think he is going to. Now, I'm sure most of this is hormone driven but I can't shake it. His father left his mother when she was pregnant and I fear that is what he is going to do to me. I don't know what I would do if he did leave. He has told me over and over again that he loves me, and he wouldn't leave me, but I'm still scared. Anyone else have the same feeling or have any suggestions for me to get over this?


Lindsay - November 26

My boyfriend has stuck by my side this whole time, I'm 24 weeks and this was a very tough unplanned pregnancy for both of us, we're pretty young and unestablished. He tells me time again he would never leave me and has proven it, and deep down I know he won't, but I have dreams of him leaving me almost every night, sometimes waking up crying. Some have been very disturbing for me like him leaving me for an old gf, I can't shake them. I think it must be the hormones and just how vulnerable we feel right now.


to Scared - November 26

It's the opposite with my relationship: My boyfriend has a HUGE fear that I'm gonna leave him! Take the baby & leave. I try to rea__sure him all the time, but his dad constantly threatened to leave when he was a kid, so it's practically ingrained in him. Anyway, there's no way I'd leave him. I love him so much! I hope the feeling pa__ses for you ladies & all goes well.


to scared - November 26

Just to point out to you... Your husband has most likely held some form of contempt for his father over what he did to his mother. My experience has been that this will make his pledge to you even stronger just from experiencing this very thing first hand. Good Luck Wishing you well


maya - November 27

strangely I have been the same as well. I have turned jealous over night.. and I have dreams of my husband loosing care for me.. In my dreams it is as if he doesnt know me.. as if see right through him.. I slap him in my dreams.. reminding him of all the things we've done together.. just to get an ice cold stare back.. during the day.. I fear he's gone.. I wonder why all of a sudden this feeling is taking over.


jp - November 28

wow. all of these stories, bout made me cry. it's perfectly normal to feel that way right now. you are at a very vulnarable place in your life, so your partner leaving you is going to be a major fear in your life. i know exactly how each and everyone of you feel. My husband has always treated me like a princess and never lets a day go by without telling me how much he loves me and how he couldn't live without me, but once I became pregnant...I couldn't help but invision him out running around with other women and wanting to get away from my big, fat, pregnant, hormonal b___t. but deep inside, i know that isn't true. you can't help the way you feel, so at least talk to your man and explain to him the way you feel. that way he'll know and you will be on the same page with each other.


Ashley - November 29

I'm 28 weeks, and last week I had a dream that my husband (of a year and a half) went somewhere for the weekend and didn't take me with him! It was so crazy and so unlike him (heck, he hardly goes to Walmart without me!) but in my dream I was crying and wanting to know why and the dream really messed me up. We have a wonderful relationship and are deeply in love but if felt scary to be abandoned . . . even if it was just a dream!!!!! I try to do little things for him (when I feel like it) to let him know how much I love him, he does so much for me!!!!


maya - November 29

Ashley.. isnt it funny.. how a dream cant be so traumatic.. My husband too is such a loving and caring man.. and he makes me feel like I am everything for him.. But after those two dreams I had of him not caring about me.. all of a sudden every little thing he does scares me.. MAN!!!! it was just a dream.. but it has made me paranoid. :)


Niki - December 5

Hi ladies. I've had similiar feelings. I have had the fear that something tragic is going to happen to my boyfriend everytime he leaves the house. He does not do anything that would make me think other wise so I really just think its my hormones. Just stay positive and put your trust in God. Happy Holidays.


anita - December 5

i've been having the same feelings myself. my fiance's a bar owner and i've stopped working. lately i've been very insecure about him going to work b/c i'm always at home and i don't know what's going on there anymore. i know that he loves me and it's mostly my hormones and poor body image that's making me feel this way, but i still can't help but worry sometimes. usually when i have these feelings, i just i just tell him and he eases my mind. i don't think you have anything to worry about. you sound like the two of you have a lovely relationship and he dosen't have any reason to leave. thankfully, most of our guys know that we're going through alot right now and they're usually pretty understanding.


Natalie - December 5

i used to have that fear. unfortunately i had a huge series of horrific nuightmares and now i fear that he will die soon. my mum had this problem when having me and my dad is still alive and with her. although there isnt much that can really be said to get you over this/


angie - December 7

ohh my god ladies i felt the same way of my feonce, I posted "Insecure of my partner need advice" for other women who find themselves in the same or similar situation. Little did I know that this is a big subject when it comes to pregnancy. Hope you go visit my question and wish you all the best. I believe that as long as we have each other to converse on similar situations, we will all find comfort in knowing that many of us are going through the same thing and that it's normal to have these feeling, dreams, doubts or uncertainties. It's all just part of being pregnant.



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