Scared To Get The Triple Screen

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Nicole - November 3

Anyone else scared to get the Triple Screen? I am more afraid to get a false positive I heard it is a 30% chance you can get a false positive. I'm not sure even if I should get the test. HELP! Any advice? Did everyone get the test?


Judi - November 3

Nicole, I had the test and I'm very glad that I did. It really put my mind at ease. Since I'm 35, my risk of a Downs baby was 1 in 270 and my risk of Trisomy 13 or 18 was 1 in 400. After the results came back, my risks dropped to 1 in 635 for Downs and 1 in 9341 for Trisomy 13 or 18. I know there is a risk of a false positive and I was concerned about that, but I decided to go ahead with it anyway because if something is wrong I would rather know in advance. I don't want to do amnio unless there's a definite need, so that's the main reason why I decided to go ahead with this test. Also, since they did the nuchal translucency measurement, having an ultrasound for that at 12 weeks was great. It was wonderful to see our baby. I may be wrong about this, but I think the quad screen that they do later in the second trimester has a much higher risk of a false positive than the triple screen. I'm not doing that, especially since everything looked good with this test. Good luck!


to nicole - November 3

Hi I just wanted to share with you my story I did have the test and I got a positive result...1/41 for trisomy 18 which is just a terrible defect most babies with this don't even live til birth and if they do they die with in a couple of days...I was sooooo scared and went thru pure hell waiting to get a level 2 sono but thankfully my baby is perfectly healthy but the waiting to find out was the worst thing ever you feel like your life is on hold all I wanted to do was cry it was so stressful I did alot of research on this test and really it has a high rate of false positives and also it gives false negs as well so the previous poster Judi may have a false sense of secerity really not trying to scare you but the way I felt I wished I never would have done it but once you do you can not go back just do some research if you feel you are at a high risk due to age or whatever just ask your doctor to schedule you a level 2 sono I have had 2 of them and now my mind is at ease due to they found no soft markers at all for any defect just remember this test is only a screening and if you do go ahead and do it and you get a positive the worst will be waiting for the other testing see the doctor will call you tell you that you got a positive then you have to wait until further testing can be done which is usually about 2wks in most cases you will find out all is ok but the wait is awful from what I found in my research that only 1 in 100 that get a positive result will find out they actually are going to have a baby with a defect in fact with my results being 1/41 the genetic couceler told me that only put me at 3% chance of having a baby with trisomy 18 so that is 97% chance my baby would be healthy and like I said my baby is just fine...good luck with whatever you decide cause only you can choose to do this take care-


Judi - November 3

To the previous poster, I do not believe that I have a false sense of security. I'm sorry for your experience, but that doesn't mean that this will happen to everyone. My baby's nuchal translucency measurement was only 1.5, and anything under 2.0 is considered to be excellent. I am also having a level II ultrasound. (By the way, sometimes markers are found on level II ultrasounds that indicate a higher risk of a defect, but if you had the triple screen previously, they can use those results to determine whether that risk is accurate. If you didn't do the triple screen, then it's too late at that point.) Also, a lot of the false positives are due to the pregnancy being dated incorrectly, which makes the results look different. Since I conceived through IUI, I the doctors and I know exactly how far along I am.


K - November 3

I didn't have the test. My doctor advised against it. She told me at my age (38) it would not come back normal, so all it would do would be to stress me out probably unnecessarily. I had a Level II ultrasound and everything looked completely normal on that.


Crystal - November 3

I had one done for my peace of mind (along with a level II) and am so grateful that I did. My previous pregnancy my baby had some severe nueral defects and I was very scared of a repeat...which thank goodness was not the case. I reccomend it, but if you doubt it, have your doctor schedule a level II scan to go with it (which they generally do anyway if the results come back indicating you're higher risk).


Sara - November 3

have it it doent harm anything and if you get a pos them go to the next wouldnt it be better to know what you are dealing with we are very lucky to have these tests I know many people who had it and no false pos my doc said the faulse pos is very rare almost as rare as a miscarrage with the amino and then you can decide weather you can and are willing to deal with a deffect but I prey to god you dont need to do that good luck Mine was fine


Ashley - November 4

I didn't get the Triple Screen. I know a mom who did tests for months and finally had to have an amnio and the stress she went thru was unbelievable. Everything was fine, despite what all the tests said but the amnio is pretty trust-worthy and said everything is fine. If I had a previous child, or a family history would be the only reason I would get it, but that's only my two cents.


Mandi - November 4

I like the "To Nicole" post tested at high risk for Trisomy 18. I was 26 at the time of conception...just turned 27. I was terrified. Like she said, these babies typically don't life past birth, and those that do have a decreased quality of life. If I had the choice to do it again "I WOULD have it done again". I just hate not knowing. The test was simple and they did alot of extra follow up with my child. Being my first, I was scared to death that something might be wrong, had my level II and they found two soft markers for the genetic condition. I was terrified. I met with the counselor, and scheduled my amnio for later that day. It wasn't a terrible experience, just a little pressure....the waiting was the worst. From the date that I found out I was at high risk until I found out that everything was just fine was almost 6 weeks. The longest 6 weeks of my entire life. Many of you might ask WHY I would choose to have the test again if I became pregnant.....I just can't stand not knowing. The insurance covered everything, and god forbid something would have been wrong, then atleast I could plan for that upon delivery. I would never abort, even with a disabled child, but it would have been nice to have the appropriate staff at hand (counselors, specialists, etc...) if it was needed. Hope this helps. Best wishes.


to, to nicole - November 4

the rate of false negatives is very, very low, the rate of false positives is higher. If you get a "negative" that is much more accurate than a "positive" --which is not really the correct term, it is a SCREENING test, not a DIAGNOSTIC test. Too bad there is still ignorance about this issue! I am very glad I took my quad screen, long story, but it gave me peace of mind.


ry - November 4

i did not get it and dont regret it. the level 2 ultrasound will detect any abnormalities also, that test only adds a small amount of detection (my doc said 5%) in addition to u/s so to me, it was not worth it. if there is any concern with my u/s i will take the next step. i have had enough worries so far this preg. and am only 26. they bombard us with all of this sh!t nowadays, i swear!



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