Scared To Have Sex Still

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Lorraine - May 18

I am currently 14 weeks and I am terrified to have s_x. I have not had it since I found out I was pregnant. I feel really badly, and I am lucky because my husband has not pressured me at all. But I do want to have s_x with him, I just cannot get passed the fear that I may harm the baby, or start to bleed or something. Has anyone else felt this way, or am I just crazy???


Beth - May 18

You are normal to feel that way, many people have, but you will not hurt your baby, if you want s_x do it :0)


j - May 18

i felt the same way, but it only lasted 2 wks, then horniness kicked in. We have s_x alot now (for me, pg has been a turnon), and i've never had any bleeding, pain, odd feelings, etc. Think of it this way: there are people who continue to jog, play tennis and other rigorous non-contact sports when preg, which are much more jarring than s_x.


Sarah - May 18

Don't worry hun, you're definitely not alone! I too am really worried about bleeding! I had some spotting in early pregnancy so I waited until after I was 14 weeks before I felt comfortable having s_x again! It was fine! In fact it was great =) Enjoy!


*** - May 18

Well if we do S_x then it's ok to have husband on top? Just scred and I enjoyed my self on top or him slef on top :)) I am 14 weeks pg...


SRG - May 18

I am feeling the exact same, I am 15 weeks and too scared to have s_x. I too had some brown spotting in the beginning, and I am just PARINOID. I want to have s_x, but am so scared. I am scared that since I have gone so long now, that is will be even more dangerous. I cannot help these feelings. Advise please!!!!!!!!!!


Desiree - May 18

Everyone usually has spotting in the beginning and throughout the first trimester... it is normal as long as you aren't having horrible cramping and really red blood.... but about the s_x things.. you ladies are lucky that you even have the desire... i know s_x won't hurt the baby in any way.. but man i wish i wanted it more... i have no drive for it and it sucks so bad.... I PROMISE YOU! It will not hurt your baby... even though i have no drive i still try and have s_x at least every other day to keep my hubby happy and i am fine and baby is doing great.. and i'm going towards 15 weeks! Trust me... i have a friend who had a baby recently and during her second trimester she was like an animal.. wanting s_x ALL the time and she was getting it.... her baby and her are healthy as can be....


Jill - May 18

I'm 24 weeks along and my husband and I have s_x, just not as often. Just listen to your body and you will be fine unless your dr has said you are a high risk pregnancy. but if everything is going well, go for it. and remember, a little spotting after s_x is usually nothing to be concerned about--it is caused by deep penetration. Also, if you enjoy missionary position better do it now because my belly is too big for my husband to take top now! lol


Jodie - May 18

i had some spotting after s_x when i was about 8 weeks so my fiance and i decided not to have s_x anymore. that lasted 5 days, we have s_x just about every day and everythings fine with the bub, ive reached 16 weeks today :)


Jaime - May 18

I was like this when i first found out i was pregnant, now im 23 weeks and of course no longer like that, you wont do anything to hurt your little one and im sure you wont bleed, i think alot of women have this same worry...



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