Sciatic Nerve Doing My Head In

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San_dee - June 6

Went to the dr (who is also my midwife), had no suggestions except posture, it hurts so bad allllllll day long, in my back, my butt, down the side of my leg and into my knee cap!! i cant get confortable, i cant bend my knees, not even to pick up my son or even play with him!!!! ive had this since 11wks, im 15wks now and every time the baby moves or kicks when im sitting it sends a sharp jolt down the nerv!!! thanks for listening i needed to Vent!!!!!!!!!


Angiconda - June 6

I know the feeling I have had this since early pregnancy as well. Unfortunatly there isnt much that can be done while pregnant your doctor may send you to physical therapy or the chiropractor and suggest a maternity belt other then that there really isnt much else that can be done. I wish there was a was to releive the pain I cant even get a good nights sleep I have tried EVERYTHING! Good Luck!


Newhoneybuns - June 6

i had that like 10 years ago wasnt pregnant though but i know the pain and i can imagine what it would be like having it while pregnant. I had to go to a chiropractor after a month or so cause i was in so much pain and medication didnt help. All i did was sit in a lazy-boy chair or lay down in my bed when i got tired of one i went to the other. You need to find the positions it hurts you less and i know you're gonna say they all hurt and they do but some you can handle a bit more. Besides that i dont remember what else i did to ease the pain cause it was so long ago but one thing is for sure i will never forget that pain and i'm sure you wont neither lol . I'm so sorry for you girl and i hope it will go away soon. Oh and some people had told me that you get that by making a false move and it will be better when you force it again. I'm not sure how true that is but i remember i got it from having s_x and if i can recall it went away the same way too lol Prayers are with you hun Good luck :)


AmyF - June 6

Hi- I'm 20 weeks and my little one has found my sciatic nerves. Last week I was in so much pain I couldn't get out of the recliner. I took a long shower with the water hitting my back and it releived pain. I took some tylenol to make sure I got a good night's rest. Do you have any spas/ salons who offers prenatal ma__sages? I asked my Dr about how to relieve the pain and she said- quite honestly- "nothing except delivering the baby"


AmyF - June 6

I also do some very low key stretching to release the pain. If you can hold your ankle from behind it'll help stretch that muscle that wraps around your hips. Can't think of much else.


San_dee - June 6

i went to the dr and he said is was a mechanical back pain, he said i could go to a physio therapist but they prob couldnt do much, he did give me some exercises to do, i did them for one day and i could feel it pulling where it hurts but not isolating where it really hurts, i then woke up the next morning and i couldnt move the whole day and all around my spine had become inflammed. After talking to other moms i have learned that its really the sciatic nerv, mr dr is an a__s so im now trying to get a midwife instead, at least she might have a bit of empathy lol. GLAD TO KNOW IM NOT ALONE!!!!


San_dee - June 6

whats funny is when i first got it the dr keep telling me its prob a uti and that was it end of story.... urrr, but a urine test later showed that im all clear!!! i think i just found a dr that thinks im a timewaster, its hard as he doesnt know me hes only recently become my dr as we just moved to this town. never mind, i feel much better now that i have vented and Newhoneybuns, i know what you mean about getting into a position where it hurts but you can handle it :) im just trying to suck it up and deal with it cos i know poor dh is sick of me whining lol


mandie - June 7

Wow, I thought it was just me. I used to have trouble with my sciatic nerve once in a great while before, in the last few weeks it's making me crazy. I wasn't sure if I should mention it at my next appt because I wasn't sure if it was related to pregnancy.


Taffy - June 7

Have you tried a gentle swim? I had problems earlier on and then started swimming 4-5 times a week. I don't swim much but the water helps me to stretch out the muscles and I think that was what relieved it for me. I also started to show more when my muscles were stretched! I guess it meant it was easier for the baby to move upwards and get off my nerves so to speak! I hope it eases up for you soon.


San_dee - June 7

i might just give that a go, i am showing quite reasonably already tho, i wasnt this size last pregnancy till i was about 5-6months along


Steff - June 8

Hey Sandee! I was looking for you on the first tri site and then realized that you would have moved on :) How's everything going? How do you feel? I bet the second trimester is better than the first :) I'll be here soon enough. I am almost 12 weeks. I have my first ultrasound next week, I am SO excited! Aside from your Sciatic nerve, I hope you are doing well. When is your official due date? Take care! ~Steff


San_dee - June 8

hey Steff!!! I started to lose all hope with this site!! my official due date is november 25 so i will be 16wks tomorrow, got my first scan on monday so excited, i have to say second trimester is way better, im actually finding that im able to stay awake for an entire day LOL. so whens your official due date?? so excited for your scan you HAVE to let me know what happens !!


Steff - June 9

Hey Sandee! My official due date is Dec 27th. But that might change once I have my ultrasound. I think I ovulated late so I have a feeling I am not quite as far along as I think. So my due date might be in the beginning of January. So are you going to find out what you are having? I am still undecided. DH wants to know but I'm not sure. I will track you down when I have some more news :)


CamysMama - June 12

Hey girls, I have sciatica too, and it's making walking very difficult! It is a serious pain in my bum, literally. I've heard you're not supposed to sit for long periods of time because that makes it worse... but I work at a desk job! So I'm out of luck. I'm going to try some stretches and switching to sleeping on my right side instead of my left, but my soon-to-be dh snores so loud that might not work out for me... anyone have any other ideas of how to aleviate the pain?


San_dee - June 12

ha ha, i know what you mean about snoring, i find if i dont go to sleep b4 Dh does than its all over, so i just now whack him with my pillow and wake him up, give me a chance to fall asleep again. Can honestly say there isnt much i could find to alleviate the pain, but im finding now at 16wks that its actually gotten a lot better, maybe the baby finally moved off it!!


Steff - June 14

Hi San_dee... Just wanted to let you know that mu u/s went great! HB good and strong and baby moving all over the place :) Did I read correctly that you might me carrying twins? That would be amazing!!


San_dee - June 14

wow that great!! arent ultrasounds amazing, makes everything hit home pretty fast!! Yeah the dr doesnt know yet but i am measuring quite ahead.. and ive been having major movement now, to be honest not to sure what to think, so im not going to think till i get my 20wk ultrasound (on a good machine) to say one way or another. I have an antenatal appt next monday so the dr is going to go over a few things for me :), when do you get another scan?? are you going to find out the s_x?? i am for sure



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