Sciatic Nerve Pain

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coxm3 - May 23

Is it sciatic nerve pain when I wake up at night and my knee or my lower leg aches horribly? Its not a shooting pain but a horrible, dull aching pain. Like my bone aches. Is that sciatic nerve pain? I didn't have this with my first pregnancy and I just wondered if any of you ladies have experienced this?


Susan W - May 23

I suffer severe sciatic pain with my pregnancies from very early on. Mine is more a stabbing/shooting pain that starts in my hip/b___tock and moves down my leg. I'm not sure what you are describing, but it doesn't sound sciatic in origin. Ouch though!


Angiconda - May 23

Sciatica starts in your lower back or b___t and can go down you leg. I have had it since i have been 16 and it has gotten way worse since I have been pregnant. My doctor sent my to physical therapy and they said to make sure to strech and also gave me a pelvic corset to wear (very uncomfortable) I am not 26 week and I find it hard to even get out of bed or stand up sometimes. Unfortunatly if this is what you are exeriencing I am told there is really not much they can do for you while you are pregnant. Good Luck hope this helps!


CKSAN - May 24

My sciatic nerve pain just began as a dull ache in my lower back and then I noticed my right leg go numb on the outside area of my lower thigh. This hit at about 6 months with my first. This time around it hit alot sooner. It makes sleeping a nightmare b/c the numbness eventually becomes numbness and pain, very sharp pain. and my back hurts on top of it. I have physical therapy that will begin in a week. I am looking forward to seeing how it will help.


Susan W - May 24

Yeah, there really isn't a lot that can be done. There are days I literally can't stand up -- I just take it slowly when I stand up. The worst attacks, imho, are the ones that strike while you're walking; I fell a couple times with my first pregnancy when those got me. A few things you could try are to sleep on the side opposite the one that hurts so you reduce compression on it, ma__sage and stretching. My midwife also suggested chiropractic and acupuncture care, but my insurance won't pay for such care or I'd try! My sciatica usually starts around 10-12 weeks and goes till the end plus a few months -- delivery causes compression of the nerves too, and it takes a while to get over that. Anything to end that amount of pain.


ThePezChick - May 24

I started having pain in the back of my right leg yesterday. It seems to come and go but is worse in the morning. Apparently it's the baby pressing on a nerve, from what my friends say. I haven't called the doctor yet because I'm not really concerned about it at this point. Does sciatic nerve pain always start in the lower back? My pain is only in the back of my right leg and a little in my calf.


amyn - May 25

I have sharp pains that start in my left b___t check and go down a little ways, I asked my OB Monday and he confirmed it is the Sciatic nerve causing the pain


ahemann99 - May 25

I have suffered from both sciatic pain and charlie horse type leg cramps...and what your describing sounds totally like leg cramps...which hurt SO bad too....i wake up in the night and feel paralyzed with this aching pain....usually when i am stretching in the night or goes away immedietely for me if i point my toes towards my nose....good luck either way!



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