Sciatica Poor Me

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gabbysally - March 24

ok, this is a poor me complaining session. but I also really need to know if anyone else's sciatica is acting up and how you deal with it!!! mine started last saturday at 20 weeks and it KILLS whenever I walk for more than 10 minutes. so I'm screwed, I work in NYC and walk everywhere! please help!! :) thanks gals, I'll love you forever if you give me some advice!


ejmeskan - March 24

Gabbysally you are completely ent_tled to a poor me on this one....OUCH OUCH OUCH. I actually had a pinched sciatic nerve that was literally borderline paralyzing for me 3 years ago (thankfully didn't act up to bad when I was PG) to the point where I couldn't walk. It was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life (way worse than any sports injury I have ever had!). I went to the doc and of course they prescribed pain meds. I was totally against Chiropractors before but had no choice...I had to get some relief...I will praise and recommend a GOOD chirporactor from now on. They can help you when you are pregnant (I would suggest finding on that specializes in pregnancy) and I am telling you even if insurance doesn't cover it -it is worth every single penny. You poor thing I wish I could take the pain away!


gabbysally - March 24

oh, thank you! you're so sweet! I'm so glad you're not suffering with it during your pregnancy too! ok, so chiropractor, what else ladies?? please help!!!


mommaminchey - March 24

Hey Girl... I too early on in the pregnancy had my sciatic nerve acting up. Luckly we have a great chiropractor taht is a fmily friend and after about 3 visits I felt much better. He also gave me some daily exercises to do at work and it helped.... Hope you get some relief. I kow how painful it is... And people around you just think you are full of it I am sure.


Cat24 - March 25

one of my friends has never had sciatica and it started in her 25 week! i thought it was a hereditary thing? i hope you find some good painkillers of something gabby, because i couldnt imagine the pain that must bring. good luck.


QueenBeeMama - March 25

GABBY- The advice about a chiropractor is dead on, definitely try it! Mine acted up during the last month of my first pregnancy. Ugh. It just seems like there is no end to how your body gets hijacked, right? LOL. Poor thing is right, it's an awful condition, don't feel at all bad, only other pregnant women get what this is like, it seems for the most part! I'm sending you my sympathy....



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