Second Trimester Feeding Frenzy

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Rachel29 - November 29

Hi everybody. I'm just wondering if insessent hunger during weeks 13-26 is a myth or fact. I expected that once I started the second trimester I would be eating like crazy and having tons of cravings. Instead I actually just feel normal. After I hit about week 11, I didn't even really feel pregnant anymore. The doctor says everything is fine (well last week it was anyway at my u/s), but I can't help but worry. Are you guys having a lot of hunger and cravings? Just wondering...


fefer1 - November 29

With my daughter I was sooo happy to get closer to 20 weeks because I felt so much better. I did eat a lot, but not a TON of food. I think the third tri was my feeding frenzy stage. The baby really grows a lot at that point, I think he/she doubles their weight. My cravings were in the first trimester. I'm 13 weeks Saturday - yay - and still feel like c___p and don't want to eat anything but I'm constantly hungry. I think it's totally normal to not have any crazings too. I didn't have many with my daughter but this time..holy cow....every day it's something new. :)


Cevvin - November 29

Each of my pregnancies when the nausea goes away i get my appet_te i eat alot, but it levels out. Each woman is different.


KEcantwait - November 29

I'm 15 weeks pregnant and have not had many cravings as well. As far as being hungry, I have noticed a small increase in appet_te but nothing severe. I think it may have to do with your eating habits prior to being pregnant.


Mel Page - November 30

I'm almost 27 weeks along and I find that my worst feeding frenzy was in the 1st tri, well I'm only entering the 3rd tri in 2 days so I will keep you posted, as for now, my eating is more or less teh same as pre-pg, maybe just a little more. Good luck hun!!


mgn - December 2

i think some of my eating is "mental" cause I tell myself i am pregnant and therefore should have a bigger appet_te but in reality your only supposed to consume 300 extra calories a day. not much. some days i want to eat much more than that and others i dont want to eat much at all? but, i will say this, food tastes ALOT better now. must be the hormones and the fact that food is the only thing were allowed to do!!! lol (oh, and s_x) hehe



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