Second Trimester Moms

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Paula - August 4

We've all heard that you show sooner with your second. I miscarried early with my first (7.5 weeks) and I see a lot of women on these forums asking if you show early with the 2nd even if the first was a MC but noone ever answers. Do you 2nd trimester moms have any input on this?


Sam - August 4

I wouldn't think so, because the reason you show sooner with the second one is because your stomach muscles are stretched out. If you miscarried that early, obviously your stomach muscles never got stretched out...


HDF - August 4

I'm not sure, I lost my first at about 9 weeks. I know I thought I was already showing at 10-12 weeks with my second. Sorry...I wish I had an answer for you.


MJM - August 4

It is not always the case. I am preg with #3. My daugter is 4, I had a m/c when she was 1 year and 2 months old. I am now due Jan 10thISH. I am 17ish weeks and the only time i show is when i lay down. When i am standing in the line at Subway and get a meal deal with 3 cookies I seem to make sure my gut is hanging out and i rub it while i am in line LOL. I just dont want people thinking no wonder why she has a big a__s. Plus my b___bs are HUGE 38F(+) so then they understand why they are big. My friends told me i need to get a shirt that says I am pregnant and these are real. LOL OOPS sorry rambling on. But It all depends on the person. Some people preg with #1 show when they are 17 weeks and 2(+) time moms dont show until after. I hope this kinda helps.


ASA - August 7

Everybody is different and every pregnancy is different. I am 16 weeks and have been showing for a while now. I have two children. You probably won't show sooner but who knows? My friend didn't show as soon and she had a baby before and a MC. No one can give a definite answer simply because we are all different.


Angela - August 7

I found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks about 2 weeks after that I had to go by new clothes this is my third child I now look and feel like a big fat balloon. This past week I have been itching like crazy those darn stretch marks are coming in like crazy I think by the end of this pregnancy I will be covered from head to toe this is deppressing!


Melissa - August 7

I do think that you do "show" sooner with the second child, as well as feel movement earlier. Most women tend to know what to expect, and are less likley to a___lyze everything as first time moms do. I hope that helps.


Tonita - August 8

hi girls this is my first pregnancy and im 14 weeks pregnant and im showing like crazy if you would like to see some pics go to this site... i dont have anything written in it yet cause i just got it yesterday but i do have some pics of my belly and my ultra sound pictures



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