Second Trimester Worries

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babygirl_09 - September 25

So I am now 21 weeks, and I just found out that I am having a girl last week! :) yay for that part! but I know that my doctor was somewhat worried about my fluid levels. I just want to see if anyone else has those worries of that. and how can you tell if you are leaking those fluids? is that something that you would know? or is that something that just happens without knowing until your doctor tells you? Please help me with everything anyone can!!


newbaby2009 - September 25

Amniotic fluid has a very distinct sweet odor. It is definately noticable. It is clear and you should feel very wet if leaking it. Leaking fluid was one of the 1st signs of my miscarriage in 06.


kristina1980 - September 26

Hi, about the fluid. Yes, you should be feeling little wet, knowing that you didn't pee yourself. They can see if that's the fluid by taking a sample from down there. That's what happend to me with my first, when I was in labor and didn't know really about it, but I was leaking fluid. I went to the hospital, they took 2 tests, and then told me to stay there, because I was leaking. My doc was also worried in the 3rd trimester, that I don't have enough fluid, but it showed on the ultrasound on the next visit, that the fluid was hidden behind the baby. If you are worried, ask questions to you doctor, they should be able to answer all of them. good luck.


clindholm - September 26

Congrats on your little girl! I had low fluid in my first pregnancy and did not have any leaking at all. Sometimes the placenta does not work properly and your fluid level will be effected. My daughter was delivered at 36.5 weeks b/c the fluid was almost non-existant. Don't worry, since they have identified the problem now, they will continue to monitor you with ultrasound for the levels. Of course, you want to try to keep as well hydrated as possible. Good luck, when is your next scan?


babygirl_09 - September 26

Thankyou so much! my next scan is this upcoming wednesday. I am just worried. I am still pretty young and everything worries me!! at first I was really stressed about the baby cause I am so young and didn't expect something like this to happen, but as things get closer and I experience all of the amazing things it makes me feel so much better about everything! But it's just the bad stories that scares me! and sometimes I worry that if soemthing was wrong will the doctor tell me right away?


clindholm - September 26

Pregnancy is very stressful, try not to read too much or it will be worse. Trust me, I work in an environment where you hear the worst of the worst pregnancy stories and it can make you crazy. Your doctor should tell you right away if there appears to be a problem. How old are you? Just ask alot of questions at your appts, eat well and take your vitamins. That's about all we can do. Good luck.


babygirl_09 - September 26

I'm 19. I feel I'm still young to have a kid!


RosalineAS - October 20

This is my first pregnancy so all is new to me! I will be 13 weeks tomorrow - have had 2 ultrasounds, have heard the heartbeat - everything is on track and the doctor has had no concerns. However this morning I woke up and had a brownish discharge that had happened last nite.. and i was quite crampy this morning. It hasn't happened since i have been up and at work. don't want to overreact - but a lot of websites say go to ER or doctor immediately. has anyone else experienced this???


chiyochan - October 28

has anyon else done the triple quad screen and if so had a positive result????? I had a positive result so they were super afraid of down syndrome so they did an ultra sound and found no abnormalities so everything looked good. Im just wondering if its common to get a positive result?



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