Self Harm Continued Please Help Xx

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Sad mum to be xx - December 12

I posted a question last week about self harming. i self harm and with all my emotions running riot at the moment find it difficult to cope. i confided in my boyfriend. at the weekend he caught me cutting myself. it turned out into a massive argument and he used a raisor and badly cut himself we couldnt stop the blood it was so horrible. i eventually bandaged up his whole arm it is such a mess and the blood has started seeping through now. he told me it upset him when i told him and wanted me to know how he felt about it. im so confused and ive told my midwife and she is sorting out councelling but i dont know if i can go through with it. please help what can i do? i know my boyfriend loves me so much. help xx


Em - December 12

Geez, I feel so sorry for you...I know it must be difficult for you to cope and I know how emotions can run high when you are pregnant...However, there is a very important fact you have to face up to here: self harming, just like any addiction, is inherently selfish behavior (believe me, I have had to battle my own addictions over the years...). For the sake of your child and your bf, who you say loves you so much, you have to battle it and find other coping mechanisms that are not hurtful to you or anyone around you...Try to find new hobbies, get involved with groups outside your home (sports, creative hobbies, etc,), basically anything that would keep you occupied, give you a sense of direction and satisfaction. This would also ensure that your thoughts are not running riot in your head..Another good way to cope would be meditating if you're that way inclined. All these are suggestions, but it's you in the end that has to find the right way for herself, especially for the sake of those that are dearest to you. I wish you the best of luck and lots of strength to carry on thru xxx


Petra - December 12

Dear sad mum, why aren't you seeking counseling? It's good that you're reaching out here, but you've got some emotions to work through that aren't going to get dealt with here. Meeting with a counselor at least once per week right now seems like a good place to start. Why wait? Let the healing begin! The dark place you're in can be a comfort, in a way, because it's familiar to you. I'm telling you, though, even though the prospect of feeling better might be a little scary on some level, it will be sooo worth it to find the way out of this dark, shadowy hole you're in. I've been there - and back. Now that part of my life, back when I cut myself, seems like worlds away. You can get there step at a time. Go ahead - make the first step. You can do it.



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