Self Harm Is Taking Over Please Help Xx

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sad mum to be - December 5

I sould be looking forward to starting a new family of my own but ive started to become depressed and am now self-harming. i have got a lovely boyfriend who gives me the why do i do it? im very emotional at the moment and cry over silly things all the time. when i am upset i cut myself,punch myself in the face and things like that. i did this in my early teens and it drove me to attempt suicide which left me in hospital for a while. i think to myself that i am happy but deep down i know i am not. it sounds so silly i know. my boyfriend keeps finding marks on me and i blame it on being accident prone please help i need some advice xx


Nicole - December 5

I have been extra emotional but have not wanted to hurt myself. You need to go talk to someone...ASAP!! Pregnancy can bring out lots of mixed emotions and please for you and your baby go get some help.


Kerry - December 5

I really feel for you. You need to go to the doctor. No-one will think any the less of you for admitting that you need help. Everyone needs help now and again. You need medical help to combat the problem, I don't think that it's the kind of situation that you can 'sort out by yourself'. Look after yourself......sending you plenty of love x


sad mum to be xx - December 5

Thankyou for your support. i know i need to go and see the doctor but i dont want ppl to think im going to be an unfit mother. i already love my child more than anything i dont them to take her away from me. i mite try phone councelling what do you think? xx


to sad mum to be - December 5

you poor thing!! I am praying for ya...go see a doctor immediately, so this doesnt have to go any farther.


Katie - December 5

hi sad mum I posted a comment on your other post to. Nobodies gonna take your baby away you just need to talk to someone. Everyone can be emotional through this time in their lives and someone can help you with that. I freaked out so bad one time on my boyfriend he thought I was going to hit him. I felt really bad and try not to get that upset but its hard cause right now your body is so hormonal. If not for you do it for your baby go talk to someone and remember we are here for you to.


sad mum to be xx - December 5

thankyou katie and all the other people out there who have going to tell my boyfriend tonight and see weather i can overcome this with his support. ive taken the 1st step of admitting i have a problem next thing to do is defeat it thanx xxxx


Jennifer - December 5

Sad mum, I also answered your other post, but just wanted to say you are not a bad mother, You are concerned about your behavior and have admitted that you need help, and that makes you a very good mother. It is very hard to make those first steps when dealing with something like this, and you are showing courage. I've never had your specific problem, but have dealt with anxiety issues. You are not alone. You and your boyfriend need to go together to speak to your Dr. Your boyfriend sounds very supportive. Please let us know how you are doing. I wish you the very best.


Natalie - December 5

i know how you feel. i used to self harm when i was a teenager.i have had 2 suicide attempts. since i have been pregnant i have been very depressed, but to avoid hurting myself, i will go and do something to do with the baby like look at her clothes or clean her cot etc. its a very hard thing i know. you also need to speakj to your doctor, because if a thyroid is playing up it can cause depression


Kerry - December 6

Sad mum - have you spoken to your boyfriend yet ? How are you today ?


sad mum to be xx - December 6

Yes i told him last nite. he was understanding and told me it hurt him to see me doing that to myself. we have talked for hours and its made me feel better already. i was upset last nite before i told him because i was scared of what he might think. but i resisted hurting myself which was hard i just squeezed a pillow to releave the tension. thankyou for your help xxx



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