Sensitive Belly Button

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Curious - March 20

I was wondering is anyone's belly button sensitive to the touch? Mine actually hurts a little if I touch it.


to curious - March 20

yes mine does too sometimes,not all the time though,i hope its normal!


New_mom - March 20

Mine is a little tender...


vmchatters - March 28

That is sometimes a sign of an umbilical hernia. My understanding is that many pregnant women have them especially if you have had multiple pregnancies, are overweight and are older. They can occur anytime though. Small ones are not a problem, worst case scenario is they tape a quarter over it to keep it inside until baby comes out. The risk is if intestine slips out the hole and gets pinched off and loses circulation. This requires immediate attention. Otherwise the advice I received earlier on and through research I did was just to keep an eye on it, show it to the md or ob and push it in if it comes out and hurts. This works best laying on your back because you can feel it more clearly. Unfortunately I just found out mine is very large and I have to go see a surgeon in 2 weeks. Due to the size and difficulty pushing it in...I might have to have surgery and they want that done in the second trimester. I'm really nervous and scared about that as I can't find much info on it. Everything I read says it's no big deal and not typically a complication that requires treatment other than the tape thing. I know countless friends that had a tender belly b___ton during their pregnancies that improved after having the baby. No problems what so ever. They were told the same thing, small umbilical hernia aggravated by the pressure of the rising uterus. If it requires treatment it will be post partum but most quit hurting and aren't bothersome. Hope this helps. I am a nurse but I don't specialize in grown ups. I do lots of research and take everything I hear/read with a grain of salt and depend on more reliable sites for health related info. Good luck to you. I'm sure it won't be anything more than a little sensitivity that improves with time.



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