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rosenow - March 7

Hey girls. How is everyone? Just a quick question. Anyone else feeling almost constant discomfort in their Abdomen? I just feel like there is a big sore there and if I move the wrong way it hurts a little. It's not unbearable just there. I have an Ultrasound and obgyn appt Tuesday so I think I will let him know then. Take care girls and God be with you are your little ones!


fismama - March 7

Rose, I get really bad sharp pains when I lay in bed and like turn over I dont know if thats what you mean but I get that... I have also noticed that sometime when I sit it feels like I am sitting on my uterus its and icky feeling! I have notice also I can no longer lay on my back in bed which is annoying because I love to watch tv before bed that my me time...It very weird no one else had made it over yet, I feel like we are leaving them out but then again they haven't said much hurry up girls and get rose you have an ultrasound tomorrow? are you going to try and find out or were you guys not going to? ttyl


rosenow - March 8

fismamma: Yeah that is pretty much how I am feeling though I can still sleep on my back. sore neck and lower back though. We want to keep it a surprise so we are not going to find out. Kyra: hope everything turns out ok. I feel on the whole quite good. I am glad to have some such needed energy back. It's March break in a week so I am getting the week off. I will be visiting my mom to shop! I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am excited to see out little baby tomorrow. It's so reasuring to see him/her bouncing around in there though I wonder how on earth I can't feel it yet lol. Take care girls!


Mandersmm - March 8

Hi ladies. Hope you are doing well. Quick much, if any, are you showing. I feel like I look like I'm about 5 months pregnant. Kyra: I'm sorry about your gramdmother. You are definitely in my prayers. The nausea should be going away soon. Mine is finally just about gone and I'm starting to feel back to my old self. rosenow: My abdomen is killing me when I lay down to go to sleep at night. I can't sleep on my back because it makes my back hurt and unless I get really comfortable before I sleep and don't move at all during the night, I wake up and the my sides are sore.


kearly - March 9

hi girls ! sorry i haven't posted in a while. over the weekend my back completely gave out and was in spasm for at least a day. it was the worst pain. worse than labor. i literally couldn't move an inch or i'd go back into spasm. today i am back at work, but don't think i'll last long. it sucks b/c i worry that i'm not even that big and when i get bigger i'll be more prone to injury. i've NEVER had back issues, even in my first pregancy so this was a big shock. i literally went into shock a few times and then fainted yesterday. kyra, that's exactly what happens to me moments before i pa__s out. soemtimes i get that and never actually pa__s out, but yesterday i was out ! so sorry to hear about your grandmother. that must be very difficult for you and your family. manders, i'm def. showing a lot. way more than my first go around. but i like it :-) rose, good luck at your ultrasound ! how wonderful to see the little one. i still have 5-6 more weeks to see my little one. but it'll go by fast i imagine :-)


daniibabii2010 - March 9

hey yall! im not actually in my second trimester untill thursday but nobody is talking over there & its driving me crazy! so i came a couple days early. i go back to the doctor tomorrow i dont think theyll do an ultrasound, but hopfully the april appointment ill find out if its a boy or a girl. i want a girl, my boyfriend wants a boy. lol if it's a girl, were lookin at Addison Brooke. & we havent talked to much about boy names. so i guess we;ll see. how is everyone?


Mandersmm - March 9

Hi ladies. How are you doing? I'm actually feeling good today. Maybe because it's so nice out but I don't think I've felt this good in a long time. Rosenow: How was your appointment? daniibabii2010: Good luck at your appointment tomorrow. My next one isn't until the end of the month and I should get a slip for an ultrasound then. We aren't going to find out this time if it's a boy or girl. My husband wants to but I don't so he said he would wait until the baby is born. We found out with our first two and I want a suprise. We can never agree on girl names but we can always pick out a boy name quickly. That will be interesting - especially if we have a girl.


daniibabii2010 - March 9

lol! i dont see how you can wait. its gonna kill me to wait another month! i wanna go shoppinggg! lol


Mandersmm - March 9

It's funny because I know that the wait is going to drive me crazy but I really want to be suprised. My hubby is not thrilled with the idea but he got over it. I look at it this way...I already have a ton of boy stuff so this time, I'm going to buy a couple of pink clothes just in case. That way, even if it's another boy, I still get to go shopping - which I haven't really done since my first baby.


rosenow - March 9

Hey girls. My appointment went wonderfully!!! Although they "changed my due date to NOVEMBER!! HAHAHAHA they made a mistake and the doctor was like what the heck? The baby is 4 inches long! Looks wonderful and pa__sed all the pre-screens with flying colours! It was jumping around and we could see the little legs I giggled and the obgyn kept losing it on the screen. He is so nice though! He let us watch the baby for a little while. Oh it was so lovely to see our little Rosebud!!


fismama - March 9

Rose so I dont get your baby is 4 inches and your now not due til november....I dont get your going to have one long a__s kid man they must have been wronge...tell me they were wrong you would only be like a couple weeks..ok I am freakin out I am so confused! write back asap otherwise I am facebooking you!!!!!! lol!


kearly - March 10

adrienne, i was thinking the same thing. rose, you ,might have a big baby b/c everything i read says at week 15 your baby is 4 to 4 and half inches and i'm week 15 now and due sept. 5th. interesting...:-) when was your original due date ? but either way, congrats on seeing the little one and the screening tests comign out clear. i'm still barely mobile and only worked half a day yesterday but hoping to get in a full work day today. danii, welcome ! well, hope everyoen has a nice day :-)


tanyajean82 - March 10

hello everybody....i felt the baby last night and then again this afternoon. 15w 2d. It felt like b___terflies or when your on an elevator and it stops and turns your stomach a little. Absolutely amazing. Anyone else feelling flutters? So surprised to feel it so soon. Extremly tired last few days and little achey I am quessing the baby is going throught a growth spurt. We will find out the s_x of the baby on Sat. We are paying for a 4D ultrasound. Let yall know if it is worth it.


rosenow - March 10

HAHAAH Yeah it was a mistake. Pretty funny though! 14 weeks today! had an ultrasound yesterday and our little baby was moving around so much and jumping. It made me giggle and the obgyn had a hard time keeping baby in view lol. He is such a great doctor! He let us just sit and watch the baby for a while. Everything is perfect so far. I am starting to get a little bit of a sore back. No wild cravings at all yet. I am going away for holidays next week so not sure if I will be able to check in! MARCH BREAK!! WHOOHOO!! No students, report cards, or duty!!!


daniibabii2010 - March 11

My appointment yesterday went well. I got to hear the heartbeat again. :) I find out April 12 if it's a boy or a girl & I so don't think I can wait that long! :)


rosenow - March 13

hi girls. I found a great website albeebaby dot com It's great. I got a pile of stuff there really cheap and if you spend over $100 you get free shipping. I live in Canada so I had it sent to my moms. Wow that totaly sounds like a sales pitch but I swear this is me talking LOL



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