Sept 2010 Babies

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rosenow - March 13

hi girls. I found a great website albeebaby dot com It's great. I got a pile of stuff there really cheap and if you spend over $100 you get free shipping. I live in Canada so I had it sent to my moms. Wow that totaly sounds like a sales pitch but I swear this is me talking LOL


tanyajean82 - March 16

Found out 15w5days I AM HAVING A BOY!!!! not much action on the forum?


Mandersmm - March 16

Hi ladies, I hope everyone is doing well. tanajean82: Congrats on finding out you're having a boy! I think I might be having a girl this time but I'm not sure - and we're not finding out.


fismama - March 16

tanajean: I would just like to say I hate you!!! lol I want to know so bad it seem like everyone on the august babies are having girls and now with a boy here I dont know what to think...I believe babies come in husband really wants a boy and I dont really don't realy care I will be happy with either..I have an appt. thursday but we dont find out until april 15!! grr..thats so long!


tanyajean82 - March 16

Thank you Madersmm i thought i was having a girl too, had dreams, chinese calendar, a name . I actually paids $119 to find out. fismama I would have had to wait until the middle of Apr so I forked over the


rosenow - March 19

Hi girls. Just got back from my little trip. I got TONS of baby stuff! Clothes galore, a new Quinny Buzz 4 Pram with ba__sinet and Maxi Cosi Mico car seat. They are all interchangeable with the pram. I simply went nuts! Three big bags of fun stuff for baby from Children's place, Mexx, Roots, Gimboree, all the cute little things! I am putting them up in the closet and I ran out of hangers! I have been feeling better and better everyday and some days I feel like I could run a marathon, then I try walking down the block and have to take a nap after LOL. I had a great time. I am going to read and catch up. Take care!


kearly - March 19

rose, that's soo fun ! are you finding out what you're having ? i apoligize if you already know and i've forgotten. did you mostly get neutral stuff ? i'm dying to buy stuff but am holding out until we know what it will be. no need to buy much if it's a girl, but have a small feeling it might be a boy. could be wishful thinking though. glad you had a nice shopping spree :-) things are quiet here lately. guess we're all in that "honeymoon" phase so not much to gripe about. anyone really felt the baby move lately ? i sometimes think i feel things but when i lay down to focus on it....nothing. with my first i felt true kicks, etc in my 18th week, so i'm thinking it'll be any day now...i hope !


Mandersmm - March 19

Hi ladies. I hope everyone is doing well. rosenow: That's good that you had a nice trip. Me and the hubby are going to try to get away for at least a night before this baby comes - hopefully over the summer. Gymboree has some of the best clothes for kids and it lasts. I have outfits that have gone through two rough boys that still pretty much look like new. Shopping for baby is soooooo much fun :) kearly: I've been feeling what I'm a__suming is the baby for about a week and a half. I can feel it when the baby is rolling around and every so often I can feel little pokes.


rosenow - March 19

hey girls. Almost everything I bought is gender neutral though I am not a "girley" bonkers person so I am going to try not to pinkify my girl if I have one. I like Yellow and green and everything in between lol Take care!


tanyajean82 - March 20

i helped my husband tile our floor today, now i am wondering if it harmed the baby:( I hope not, I guess what's done is done. i told him he was on hia own tomorrow. Any thougths?


kellymunt - March 21

Hi girls I'm 16 wks and due september 6th, so excited can't wait!! this will be a first so I'm hoping for a girl!!! can't wait to find out and see little bub again in 3wks :)


rosenow - March 22

tanya: don't worry till you have sings to cause worry. I went hiking, swim regularly, and do all my regular things. Your baby is tucked away in a nice soft safe home. Unless you felt pain discomfort or had bleeding then you should not worry. Kelly: that is great. I am due Sept 8th so I am 2 days behind you! AFM: I want one of each so I don't care what we are having first. Boy would be wonderful for different reasons then a girl. We are going to wait until Delivery to find out. Unless the baby decides to flash us, which runs in my family HAHAHA. Anyway, first day back at work after a nice March break. My cla__s is going to fill up in about 7 minutes so I am getting a couple last moments of peace! take care girls!


tanyajean82 - March 29

How is everybody doing no activity in almost a week. Just checking in. hope to hear what everyone is having soon.


kearly - March 29

hi ! i know, it's been very quiet here lately. not much here to report. last monda i had lots of kicking which was wonderful. it was at the very top of my belly so for almost the entire day (except when my husband came home of course) the baby was kicking and i could see and feel fromt he outside. ever since it has been as consistent, but have been feeling lots of random pokes at least. i had my ob/gyn tomorrow and hopefully will get my referral for my u/s. i'm hoping next monday i could try b/c my husband teaches dance at night and has spring break so we could make a day of it. think my doctor will let me go rather than waiting till i'm officially 20 weeks ? next monday i'd be just starting my 19th week.... i'm dying to know ! hope everyone is doing well !


rosenow - March 30

Hi girls. I am 17 weeks. Still not feeling any BIG movements but lots that get me thinking there is a baby in there. Just nothing I can %100 say is baby. One thing though is my nps are SOOOO sore.. I can barely touch them. Very uncomfortable to even wear cotton against them. Anyone else feeling this?


Mandersmm - March 30

Hi ladies. It's been awhile since I've posted. I just feel like I've been so busy lately. Everything is going well. I, too, am feeling little movements every so often. It's funny because the baby must have stretched or something because I got a real good kick the other day but nothing that big since then. I am getting ready to go to my appointment so hopefully I will get my slip for the ultrasound. rosenow: I had the same thing happen with my first pregnancy. I didn't have it with my second and I don't have it with this one.



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