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Mandersmm - March 30

Hi ladies. It's been awhile since I've posted. I just feel like I've been so busy lately. Everything is going well. I, too, am feeling little movements every so often. It's funny because the baby must have stretched or something because I got a real good kick the other day but nothing that big since then. I am getting ready to go to my appointment so hopefully I will get my slip for the ultrasound. rosenow: I had the same thing happen with my first pregnancy. I didn't have it with my second and I don't have it with this one.


kearly - March 31

hi girls ! i need some advice. my ob/gyn said last night that i can schedule my u/s whenever i want. i'm wanting to do it next monday b/c my husband is off from working so we can make a night of it. we did this tradition when my daughter was born where we had the tech circle what it was and put in an envelope and then we went to a nice dinner and opened the envelope there. this go around we'll take our daughter with us and she can open it. sooo, i'm wanting to do it then otherwise, i'll have to take time off of work and rush through it, etc. my question is, do you think i should wait or do you think it's fine to be 18 weeks,2 days when we go ? i could always do one of those 2d or 3d ultrasound places for $100 if it doesn't work out or we're not 100% of what it is.... any thoughts or what would you do ?


kearly - March 31

rosenow, my nips are sore too ! not overwhelmingly sore, but they have gotten worse since the first few weeks. guess things are getting ready in there !


Mandersmm - March 31

kearly: It should be okay to do it then but if you waited a few more weeks they might be able to better tell if it's a boy or girl. As long as my sister can watch my kids, I'm planning to schedule my ultrasound for the 20th week. Personally, though, I know that the books say that anytime between the 18th and 22nd week is okay. If you're going to make a special night of it, then I say, go for it.


daniibabii2010 - April 2

Has noone found out what they're having yet? I go in a week & 3 days & I'm about to dieee I wanna know so bad


rosenow - April 3

Hi girls. I feel like I am going crazy this weekend! MY uterus is so small I can barely tell it's there even though I am "showing" almost 18 weeks and still just don't think I have felt the baby move... I want to feel the baby move so bad! I have an ultrasound Tuesday and I am just so stupidly afraid that something is wrong. How can I not feel something inside the that is 5 inches long? I don't even have that extreme hunger that I was feeling before. Maybe this is just 2nd trimester bliss but I really want to have some signs here. Not really sure how to stay positive when I feel so worried.


Mandersmm - April 5

rosenow: It sounds like you've just hit the "honeymoon phase." I remember with my first pregnancy, everyone kept asking me if I felt the baby move but I don't think I really felt anything until about 20 weeks. The only reason why I've felt movement earlier from my last two pregnancies is because I know what to look for. But nothing is constant. I only feel it every once in awhile. I hope your ultrasound goes well tomorrow. I'm sure the baby is just fine. I don't go for mine until April 21.


kearly - April 13

so we must have some verdicts on boys or girls among us ??? it's been so quiet here these days. hope everyone is well. if anyone found out, would love to hear ! we go today for our ultrasound but we have sort of a tradition with our daughter of waiting and then going out for a nice dinner and opening the envelope with the "verdict" so we're gonna wait till tomorrow when we can all be together and my daughter can open it up and tell us. this will be one looooong day of waiting ! secretly hoping i'll see something on the ultrasound though !


Mandersmm - April 13

kearly: Good to hear that you're doing well. Nothing much going on over here - which I guess is a good thing. Good luck at your ultrasound today. I have mine a week from tomorrow and we're still not going to find out the gender.


daniibabii2010 - April 13

I found out yesterday I have a healthy baby girl! :) that ultrasound room was so packed it was me, my fiancé, his mom & sister, my parents, my brother, & my sister in law. Lol but it was great I cried & they all laughed at me :) then we all went to the mall & I FINALLY got to buy pink & lots of it. We are so hAppy & thankful that she's healthy


fismama - April 13

Hi everyone, It has been rather quit I think that for me not having anything to really b___h about helps alot..although there is a lot going on over here..We have had some drama, my sister had brain surgery a couple weeks ago(she is perfectly fine)and it was suppose to be a REALLY big deal...and it was just SHE"S FINE!!!!!!But I quit my job because of it the lady I worked for was kind of rude about it and that just pist me sister is my best friend and not be there for her was not an opinion. So things in our house hold have been really tight and stresss which put me into a little bit of false labor and that was not fun..they really couldn't do much for me I was just on bed rest for a couple days. my husband has decided to not stress me out so much about not having a job since he was the one to tell me to yeah a little dramatic over here but we find out what we are having on Thursday and I am not really excited this pregnancy was very exciting and I have been so excited this whole time but I just cant connect with this baby yet it weird and I feel really bad! but I will let you all know how the ultrasound goes!


rosenow - April 13

Hi girls! Nice to hear from everyone. I am feeling grrreat! I have my US thursday but we are not going to find out till delivery what the gender is. I do have a question though. I am only 19 weeks and my left B is leaking clear fluids. I know this is normal but has anyone had is sooo early? It's only at night or if I "sqeaze"


fismama - April 13

That is kinda why I knew I was preggo. Beacuse I had bf Fiona for a year hnd had stopped right when she turned a year and then when I got prego that next month my nipples started ticking to the inside of my bra like they did when I started bf.


April1980 - April 20

Hello :) I am due September 18th, I already have a daughter who is 5 and she cannot wait to be a big sister. I get to find out the s_x on April 26th, we cannot wait, we are so excited. I wanted to ask if anyone has been spotting at all? I spotted alittle in my first trimester and everything was fine, the ultra sound was great and the heart beat was strong. I havent spotted for a few weeks but today I spotted again. I hate seeing this, it makes me so nervous. Does this happen to anyone else?


Mandersmm - April 20

April1980: I had some spotting with my last pregnancy and also with this one in the first trimester. If it only happened once and it was only a little bit of spotting then I'm sure everything is fine, but if you're nervous, I would call your doctor just in case. Good luck at your ultrasound on the 26th :) I have mine tomorrow and I can't wait.


rosenow - April 21

Manders: How was your ultrasound? April: I am not sure but I would let your Dr. know. Don't worry until you have a reason too. Best thing for baby is a relaxed mamma. I try to remember that all the time when I get nervous about something.



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