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rosenow - April 21

Manders: How was your ultrasound? April: I am not sure but I would let your Dr. know. Don't worry until you have a reason too. Best thing for baby is a relaxed mamma. I try to remember that all the time when I get nervous about something.


tanyajean82 - April 21

rose now i actually know the clear fluid at 16 weeks, now i am actually leaking whitish fluid, maybe milk?? i am 21 weeks today. I am also starting to swell anyone else?


Mandersmm - April 22

Hi ladies. Hope everyone is doing well. rosenow: My ultrasound went well. The baby is measuring right on target so that's good. It was such a relief to be able to see the little one on the screen. I've been feeling movement for a few weeks now but it's still nice to know that everything looks good.,


tanyajean82 - April 29

hello ladies....i went to the doc and i have gained 20pound!!!! i have always been health consiuos and fit. I work out and monitor what i eat, after taking a closer look at my diet i realize i am eating ALOT of fruit which = carbs and sugar so i am going to switch to veggies. Finally started to feel popcorn on monday. Turned 22 weeks tues. how is everyone else doing? how much have ya'll gained. I hate to say i am going to diet while i am pregnant but i am definately going to restrict myself more!!!


kearly - April 29

hi ! don't worry about it, if it makes you feel any better i gained 20 lbs too ! i knew i was jumping up there in lbs. so it wasn't a total shock. but i'm very fit and eat healthy overall. although, i do have chocolate more than i should. but i've been running and watching what i eat, so i figure, it can't be that bad. my doc wasn't concerned and i'm right where i was when i was prego with my daughter. it's frustrating b/c i feel like if i eat an oreo, i gain a pound. so forget true guilty pleasures or fast food or anything. i haven't had a single fast food item in about 5 years, and still, i'm packing them on ! it's just not fair ! otherwise, all is well here. not sure if i wrote after our u/s but we are having another girl. my daughter is sooooo excited !


fismama - April 29

Hey girls!!! I am actually not sure how much I weight I know thing have gotten bigger but I like food alot and I eat what I crave because I am craving it for a reason.. I mainly snack alot if I dont always have something in my tummy I get violently ill..I just weighed myself you girls got me thinking and I weighed 158 when I got prego this time with 10lbs left from my daughter and know I weigh about 170 so I have only gain about 10lbs but it really like 20 because I still have that 10 from my first!! lol I am not worried though I got all winter to loose the weight and hopefully with out having a gym membership I can!! lol I think as long as you are staying "healthy" (eating what your body craves) I think your fine!!! I am not sure if I have posted since we found out either but we are having another girl daughter now says baby iter when she see my belly or we ask her her the baby is!!! I have been having alot of trouble rolling around in bed now I get this really sharp pain on my sides sometimes and I have to have my husband help me out of bed..I also have notice that my hips have gotten just a little bit bigger they have to do it again they got so big last time I didnt think they would get any bigger!! AAAHHH!!! I have also noticed that some days my body is just to tired I just want to lay in bed...anyone having anything weird with them? sorry to ramble on I dont have anyone else prego with me this time!!


Mandersmm - April 29

Hi everyone. I've gained about 11 pounds so far - which surprises me because I thought I would have gained more. But, I think all the weight is in my b___t and my b___bs. And my hips are spreading too. I'm trying really hard to be good but yesterday, I had to give in to a craving for a piece of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory - and it was soooooo worth it.


April1980 - April 29

Hi everyone! Thank you so much Mandersmm and rosenow for the advice last week, it made me feel so so much better and I havent had any other episodes. I found out on Monday we are having a boy!! We are very excited. Our daughter wanted a sister because she says she "doesnt want to play Star Wars" lol. but with all the cute tv shows (Max and Ruby, Pinky Dinky Doo etc...) with little brothers, she is very excited to have a baby brother now :) makes me feel great. I have gained about 10 lbs.. so far. My b___bs are huge, I cant believe how big they are getting. I have been having alot of leg cramps in the middle of the night, but other than that I feel great and full of energy. The 2nd trimester is def much better than the first for me. I love this web site and look forward to our sharing of experiences :)


rosenow - April 30

Hey girls! Yeah I have gained about 13 pounds so far. I too have starting to feel the baby at 21 weeks. It's a lovely feeling. This is our first so we are not going to find out the gender. I am surprised at how few people wait to find out. I am feeling great and am really starting to get excited about EVERYTHING!


daniibabii2010 - May 3

HEy y'all. I'm 21 weeks now & been feelin the baby move for a couple weeks now. I loveee it. :) but the last few days my stomach has been getting super super hard for like thirty seconds then going back kinda flabby. It happens once or twice a day & I have no clue what it is. Anyone else feeling this or know what it is?


Mandersmm - May 3

daniibabii2010: It could be Braxton Hicks contractions. Those are just like warm up ones before the real thing. They are pretty normal and as long as they're not getting stronger or becoming painful it should be fine.


tanyajean82 - May 4 could also be the posit_ton the baby is (b___t against belly) sometimes when i wake up by stomach is smaller and mushier and the doctor said it is become of the position of the baby. He is spine to spine. so when my belly b___ton is really hard a tap it and rub it. it makes my little guys kicked. I had brackton hip contractions yesterday if felt like i was in the middle of doing a cruch. Fismama-i have trouble too, i alway worry about the baby and i like to sleep on my back which i know is bad. the doc said that the babies are pretty resilient tighting those muscles for a few seconds are going to hurt it. As far as the weight gain, i know i am going t gain weight i write down what i eat try to make consious decision and bare it. It sucks but we are creating another life its worth the sacrifice.hope every one has a great week.


rosenow - May 6

GIRLS!! I discovered another benefit to being pregnant other then having a baby that you get to look forward too!! BD with DH (or whoever HAHA) is FREAKING AWESOME!!! 2nd trimester BD is grrreat! All the hormones, extra emotions and extra everthing else make it sooo good! I keep surprising DH in the middle of the night, 40 mins before the alarm in the morning, the kitchen, while we play nintento, in the car in the college aprking lot while listening to our favourite radio station (this one being DH's favourite!) even in the forest! I feel like a teenager! Seriously. I think I have a complex.


tanyajean82 - May 26

i had my glucose test today for gestational diabetes, i had the lemon lime drink it was ok. i have a horrible headache. the baby went crazy. 26 weeks now one more week in the 2nd trimester. this pregnancy is going by pretty quick. i still feel good, gaining 2 pds this pd, made up for last month. hope everyone else it doing well. hoo0pe to hear from ya'll soon.


rosenow - May 27

Hi girls. Hope everyone is doing well. We found out we have placenta previa but we are hoping it will fix itself. 25 weeks here and simply can't wait. Trying to get over this heat wave... I live in Canada where just hours away it is snowing yet here it's +40c with the humidex!!! YUK!!!!!! How is everyone? Lets hear some updates! Manders? Fis? Dani? how is everyone feeling? tanya: I have my glucose coming up I think. Things are going so fast for me too. I am really starting to show now expecially after I eat. Which seems to be all the time now lol. Take care


fismama - May 27

Well I am good here..I have an appointment on the 8 th and then I start my two week appointments and then weekly's very weird this seems to be going very fast!! weather here has been STUPID although it is nice..usually this time of year it's in the 90f and it has been in the 50f but it looks like it is going to be getting nice now!! Rose~ I had PP with Fiona at the very being it caused me a lot of bleeding but when your further along like you are I think it's just a matter of resting and maybe a mom had it with me and at the very end put her on bed rest..But that was like 23 years ago so I think they can do more these days..and hell it will probably move by then..did they show it to you? Right now we are planning our baby shower, very stressful but fun!! I love planning things and I think planning it has made time go by really fast too! Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and is doing well...26 weeks tomorrow!!



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