Sept Babys

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mommy fin - March 5

I was just wondering is there are any ladys due in sept. I think my due date will be Sept. 8th. I go for my first appointment Wed. I wish I would have already seen the doctor. Just to put my worries to rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!


moescrilla - March 5

the september ladies are still over in the first tri-mester forum, you should go and join the group! I'm due sep 7th, but I'm having a c-section Aug. 28th. So I go to both august and september forums.


kristinns25 - March 5

I am due Sept. 1st so we are only a week a part! I have already seen the doc. twice. I have had 2 u/s and heard the heartbeat. How are you feeling? I am getting a little better. I still have m/s somedays. Good Luck!


mommy fin - March 5

I have m/s all day. It seems to be getting better. Is this your first baby? I have 2 girls 2 and 5 yo. Congrat. And good luck to you to!!!!!!!!!


kristinns25 - March 5

Yes, this is my first and my dh and I are so excited! My m/s is way worse at night! than it is during the day which is convenient since I am a fourth grade teacher. Are you showing any? I have just started getting a little bump but I get so bloated at night that I feel huge.


Jokerzgirl - March 5

I am due Sept 1st. seen the Dr. 1 time everything was normal. heartbeat was 141. my pictures were so clear. you could see its eyes, mouth, nose, it was great. this is my 1st baby. DF has two kids. i go back to the Dr. on the 20th and hopefully find out what we are having.


debbie80 - March 5

Hey all....well I am due 8/31 but I would love to hold off until 9/5 because that is dh and mines anniversery is...thats also when we started this whole ttc thing 2 years is everyone feeling?


kristinns25 - March 5

Wow! we are all very close. Joker.. we are due exactly the same day. Neat!! When I went to the doc last monday the heartbeat was 170. I was also able to see eyes, nose, and jaw. My little one was flipping all around and waving its arms. It was amazing.


Jokerzgirl - March 5

Kristin, that is cool we are due the same day. mine was moving alot last time i went in. hopefully the heart rate has gone up when i go in a couple of weeks. if you go to and at the top it says find a baby, then you can type in Drennan for the last name. my baby is going to be a thumb sucker


Jokerzgirl - March 5

kristin, just wondering but how much have you gained during this pregnancy?


Megan P - March 5

I am due Sept 10th! I have my third appointment on the 23rd. I saw my baby in a pretty clear ultrasound at 11.5 weeks and it was moving around and sucking it's thumb. My m/s is pretty much completely gone now and I even had enough energy to go cross country skiing this weekend! So thankful! I've gained about 6 pounds total so far. I am getting a noticeable bump now, especially since I'm so bloated. Congrats to everyone!


charee - March 6

I am almost 14 weeks. ~~Debbie, I am due on my dh and my anniversary, Sept 7th! How crazy... I have gained 2 lbs from when i started... but i lost 8 and am now 2 lbs up from before conceiving baby =) I am already showing a little, and wearing maternity clothing!! I REALLLY need to go get a new bra, the ones i have are soo small now and provide me NO support, what so ever. Anyone been bra shopping yet? Im kinda dreading it- I like some of the bras from but afraid to order bras without trying them on!! I need to get with the program and get prenatal care, i am going to call around tomorrow!!!!!


ginger6363 - March 6

hi mommyfin, I am due, like you on Sept 8th. I've had three u/s and all is well with my little one! I am 13 wks and have gained a good 12 lbs. :( I had no real m/s and my appet_tte has been been really, really healthy.


mommy fin - March 6

I have lost about 9 pounds since I found out I was preggo. I can not wait until tommorrow, I get to see the OB, It is a new one I hope I like her, I hate to have to put up with a doctor you don't like. I lost weight with both of my girls, It seems to be the only time I lose weight. well Congrats to all of you ladys!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


kristinns25 - March 6

Joker - At my first appointment, when I was 9 weeks, I had lost around five pounds from being sick. At my last appointment, 13 weeks, I had gained three pounds back. I think I have gained 3 more punds since then so maybe a pound or two according to my prepregnancy weight. I am feeling so much better this week!!!


Jokerzgirl - March 7

congrats to all the other mommies. i havent really had morning sickness at all during my pregnancy. i am 14 1/2 wks and have gained 2 1/2 lbs.


Megan P - March 7

I'm sick of hearing about people losing weight when they're pregnant although I know everyone's different. I feel so chunkola right now. I've gained about 8 pounds and I'm 13.5 weeks. I guess that's normal but I feel huge but not huge enough for major maternity clothes. Who else feels like me??? I'm pet_te so 8 pouns seems like a lot.



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