Sept Mommies We Made It To The Next Level

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imamommy - February 27

Hey all. I will be 13 weeks tomorrow. I am so happy to have made it to the 2nd trimester. I actually feel better. I am not as tired, maybe it is in my head. How are all of you?


Hoping - February 28

Hey imamommy....I am 13 weeks today too! I am so happy to be starting the 2nd trimester...I too am feeling a lot better. I'm not as tired and all the sick feelings have pretty much gone away. This is my second child and from what I remember from my first pregnancy this is the best time period when you are pregnant. Soon we will get to feel the little one move...I can't wait.


Megan P - March 1

I'm going to be thirteen weeks on Friday. I am feeling better too. When do we get to find out the s_x? Are most doctors pretty strict on the 20 week mark? When do we get to feel movement??


kristinns25 - March 1

Hi everyone! I will be 14 weeks on Saturday and I think I am actually starting to feel better. I still get very nauses at night but I seem to have a little more energy. I went to the doc on Mon. and everything was looking great. She did another u/s and we got see our little one flipping around and we heard the heartbeat. It was amazing and it actually looked like a baby this time! I also can't wait to find out the s_x! Anyone else due Sept. 1st?


imamommy - March 1

Megan--I think if the baby is cooperative, they can tell the s_x at 16 weeks. I think movement is between week 16 and 22, depending on your size. From everything I have read, the smaller you are the earlier you can feel movement. I am so excited about everything. My BIGGEST pain now is my b___bs. They hurt. My husband is so excited b/c they are bigger but they hurt to bad for him to do anything with them. It is awesome to see how the whole pregnancy thing is changing him too.


imamommy - March 1

Kristin-- I am due on Sept. 5th.


Diana_Babii - March 13

Lol i am 2 days away from being 14 weeks...i think yesterday i felt the baby was so weird...definetly what other people describe as a "flutter" hopeing i can tell what im having on the 26th when i have an u/s!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 13

I'm 14w5d, So are we all looking forward to being pregnant ALL SUMMER, lol I'm really not looking forward to it, For me it is already to hot lol


charee - March 13

Ahh! Tell me about it last time i was big during a snowy winter in Oregon and I was Miserable HOTT! This time I will be big and pregnant in ARIZONA during the 115* summer.... Its 90 here this week and its already feeling very warm!


Megan P - March 13

My boyfriend is totally turned on by my b___bs etc. but I can't have s_x for another week or two (doctors orders due to bleeding) and plus, his breath is still so repulsive to me I can't get near him! Anyone else dealing with that???


moescrilla - March 13

heh..yeah, I hear you!!! My husband and I were in Wal Mart, and he was walking ahead of me, and I could still smell his breath. I told him he needed to get somethin for it, LOL....I tell him all the time though, he just thinks its funny. I thought it was him, but maybe its because I'm pregnant. I thought here lately its been pretty bad, but now I think about it, it probably did start around the time I got pregnant, LOL


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 14

I'm over the whole bad breath thing with my husband now finnaly. Smells aren't getting me to bad anymore which is good. Although I do still feel like gagging half the time. Now I'm just tired and yeah the sore b___bs are killing me. I can never win, my bra hurts them, if I don't wear a bra the shirts with built in bras hurt them. But hubby is very satisfied with them...and during s_x he enjoys it, seems as though if I am turned on they don't hurt, go figure. But Charee I'm so sorry you have to be in Arizona, seems like the worst place to be when pregnant. My husband wants to go up there on vacation and I don't know about that lol


Megan P - March 14

Nerdygirl WHEN did the smells go away for you???? I can't handle this anymore. It's my MAIN problem now and is really starting to affect my relationship with my boyfriend. His breath will fill up the whole room and so I'll have to go sleep somewhere else just to breathe. Being intimate is VERY hard. I have to put a pillow over my face...... It SUCKS.


charee - March 14

Boobs!! AHH my nightmare... my dh cant keep his hands off, but only after I am drifting off to sleep, and he wants me to wake up- at which time i turn very grouchy, then is messing with them all night and it doesnt feel good at all. Men are so weird... Agh I cant stand it, i know its the hormones but he is driving me crazy lately. He is gouchy in the morning, when i am feeling great and then he is all nice at night, when i want to go to sleep not have s_x! So he is getting p__sed... its been like a week...


ginger6363 - March 14

charee, you dh messes with your b___bs while you are asleep?!? That's cute---of course, I can see how it would get very annoying.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 14

The smells actually just went about a week ago...everything for me started to go away after I got out of the second trimester. Have him brush his teeth alot and use mouthwash. If not buy him the strong minty gum, my husband always did whatever he could to get rid of his smell...maybe because he is starting to constantly brush his teeth and everything like 3 times a day is why it don't bother me anymore...and I notice my hubby playing with mine as I sleep too, but im to tired to care or notice anymore


Megan P - March 14

Well, he does brush his teeth a lot, but it just smells like his breath plus toothpaste. I can't stand the sound of gum chewing, so I'm sort of at a loss. I know his breath gets exponentially worse if he has something alcoholic to drink, even just one, but he hasn't cut that out just for me yet. Nerdygirl, how many weeks are you now?



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