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Kristin72 - March 3

Here we are ladies the second trimester. Congratulations on making it this far. Feel free to join in and update us on your pregnancy!! All the best for Virgo babies 2009


Kristin72 - March 4

Any September Mom's out there?


maryg - March 5

Hi Kristin! I'm due Sept 1 and turned 40 in January. I'm feeling a bit blue lately. I should be glad that morning sickness has all but disappeared, but it made me feel so PREGNANT. I feel like I'm in a weird in between phase--not too pregnant looking, not too pregnant feeling, but pretty darn pregnant nonetheless. I look forward to my first ultrasound but it's not for another 4 weeks. 4 whole weeks. How will I stand it? How are you?


JMP - March 9

Hi guys!! I'm 11 weeks today I go for my triple scan the so nervous just wish it was the 17th already so I can see my babee!!! Starting to look pregnant has made me feel much better since I never really felt pregnant!


tryingx3 - March 10

Hello! A little over 12wks here - due 9/18. Heartbeat was 144 today at the doctor's office...weight up 3lbs...I'm afraid I'm on track for a 40lb weight gain. Yuck!


Cdnbrd - March 14

Hi all! I am 38 and due on September 24th. Doing the amnio on April 7th (Cancelled the nuchal, I would still be too worried no matter what the result was) This is my fourth pregnancy, I have eleven year old and twelve year old boys and had one miscarriage prior to my boys. Is anyone else doing the amnio? Has anyone done one before? I am really nervous about miscarrying; if it was going to happen, how soon after doing the test does it occur? When are you in the clear - is it a week or two?? Thank you for any information; wishing the best to all.


Chris1975 - March 16

Hey 33 and 13wks pregnant...I had my NT scan last week, the ultrasound came back clear, giving me a ratio of 1:927 chance of downs, and when i got my bloods back, it went to 1:47. I was told that downs kids blood proteins are usually a certain level, HOWEVER, many women can have this level normally - so its not necessarily bad news if the bloods are what causes the high risk category. I went on to have a CVS last Friday. The CVS involved taking it from placenta, not the amnio fluid which you cant do until ]16wks. My OB/GYN told me that I would expect cramping, and possible bleeding (especially if i was prone to spotting in 1st Tri) and that the chance of miscarriage was 1%, which is very small and is usually caused by infection or bleeding(which all the medical literature confirms)They will use a ultrasound to guide the needle and several antiseptic measures to reduce this risk as much as possible. The greatest risk of miscarriage is in the first 24 hours, and then it is within the week. I went in, and even though it hurt, it was quick(they give a local on your tummy, but its an internal pain like a labour pain when its collecting the sample). I had mild cramping and a really bruised/sore feeling stomach for 24-48 hours and then i felt better..and I received the results 2 days later - a 100% guarantee no downs. And the bonus....i got to find out im having a little girl!! They also perform a mult_tude of other tests including cystic fibrosis, haemophilia, and the other chromosonal abnormalities. Hope this helps! Wish you all the best!!


JMP - March 17

Hey guys just got back from my NT and it was normal! Heart beat was normal, tech said everything looked great!! Measuring great yay so happy how is everyone ?


Kristin72 - March 17

Hi Everyone, I returned from a trip yesterday. I had my NT and all went well before I went away. My bloods came back normal too. I will do the next scan at the 16-18 whoch is the maternal serum comparitive test. I had a doc appointment today and everything seemed great. The babies heart beat was 154. My urine gluclose was also negative. My blood pressure normal.I am definitely starting to show although I have not gained weight maybe a pound. My friend told me today I looked a little round in the face however, as she did not know I was pregnant before that. Anyway, I have to get caught up on the posts but hope everyone is doing great! XO Glad to see all 2nd trimesters joing the forum over here. I will update more when I have read all the posts and have more time!! :)


flroses1120 - March 19

Hi everybody, i just got back from my latest OB appointment. I'm officially in the 2nd trimester. I've been so spoiled with ultrasounds at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks... that I was SO disappointment not to get new pictures today. He did use a dopler to hear the heartbeat, though -- 152 BPM. He said that was normal for a baby or a cat. LOL. I know it's a silly joke, but it made me just CRACK UP when he said that. I go to the perinatalogist in 4 weeks, so I guess I'll have to patient until then for the next scan. I wonder if they'll be able to tell the s_x then? I'll just be 18 weeks. I finally told everybody at work today. It's been so hard not to tell, as we have a girl due in May and another due in July, and then me in September. But I really wanted to wait until I reached the 2nd trimester becuase if my 2 losses last year. Kristin -- i'm jealous at your only 1 pound so far! I've gained 5.5. I'm still not showing, although I can "feel" my belly is a little firmer. I've got some extra "padding" in that area as it is, LOL, so I'm sure i won't have this cute preggo belly that the girls have in my office. But I guess it is what it is! Well, that's all for now!


JMP - March 23

HI guys just wanted to let everyone know I got the phone call from the doctor today saying that my blood work came back negative for the downs and trisomy scan and my NT was normal =) I have to go back on the 14th for the 16 week scan but I'm very very happy this is truly so exciting!


tryingx3 - March 24

Flroses - glad all is well. The extra attention and u/s are nice, huh? I don't go back until 4/13 and am getting anxious knowing we will find out gender at that time. JMP - CONGRATULATIONS! That is wonderful news and such a comfort. Kristin - 1 lb and been on vacation! How do you do it? There is no hiding my pg here - my belly is ROUND...people have stopped the questioning looks and just say things right out. I am still barfy - stomach bug hit me 1 week ago and rebounded again over the weekend, with acid reflux MAJOR starting at night last Wednesday. I've lost 5 lbs. Yuck. They put me on Protonix for acid reflux and said I could take unisom/b6 at night to try to sleep.


tryingx3 - March 24

:-) Notice I didn't mention what I have gained so far... :-) I honestly haven't done the math, but it is MORE than 1 lb! :-)


Kristin72 - March 25

HiLadies, Sorry for the MIA.I have developed sciatica..and have also been very busy. I have also lost alot of my drive to go on the internet..preferring to spend the time with my lo. That said I am almost 16 weeks..can't believe I am almost half way there. PRegnancy is such a blessing. I am so thankful for this pregnancy hoping things remain positive and healthy. Trying sorry to hear you are still barfy feeling. I do look pregnant (atleast I think so) have not had too many comments yet.) However while away a hostess asked me. I think alot depends on what I chose to weat these days. I am off to go to a promotional gig..trying to earn some extra I do not have a full time job right now. Hope to hear more updates soon. xo


jlecabwit - March 26

Yes i am due in September 23


jlecabwit - March 26

I have to have a C-section maybe because my first child got hook on my bone. I am so scared because it will be my first c-section and i do not know want to get such as the spinal or epidural .. Which i have a bad back and not good with pain Does anyone know which is less painful


Cdnbrd - March 26

Hi Jlecabwit, I have never had a spinal, but I have had two epidurals and suffered no side affects at all; including any back pains and that over twelve years ago. It also didn't hurt (mind you I was having contractions both times so maybe it just hurt so little compared to them!) It doesn't happen to everyone.



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