September Babies

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Erica - June 1

Anyone else due in September?? Hows your pregnancies going, what are some of the experiences youve had?


saydie - June 1

i am due sept 7. with in the last months things have started going a lot better than the first 4-5 months was. I was sick all the time. But lately every thing has been great, a little bit tired. We found out at about 17 weeks that we was having a girl. I had a 3d sono done last week, it was awsome.


Babygirls1st - June 1

Im also due Sept 7. I was sick the first 14weeks...I feel great now..lots of energy...Although i noticed i am just starting to feel achiness at times. I found out @ 18wks i was having a boy.


Tina - June 1

I am due September 5th, this is my second. Everything seems to be going well. I have experienced some bloody mucus throughout the pregnancy but all test seem to be fine and the baby is very active. We decided not to find out the s_x of the baby and to just be surprised in September.


Rachel* - June 1

I am due on Sept. 27. We are expecting a baby girl and it's our first. I have been feeling great, except for the heartburn. She is very active :)


Camie - June 1

i am due sept 15th and have been feeling okay. I am still really tired after getting off work and i have heart burn also--not fun!! But other than that i can still see my toes and am exited about the 3rd trimester coming up!!!


Tami - June 2

I am due September 24. This will be our first child. We found out at 20 weeks that we are expecting a baby girl, and my husband is so excited to have a daughter. My pregnancy has been difficult so far-I have been sick since the beginning and its still going strong. Just last week, I started having some gall bladder problems, apparently i was throwing up so much and the pregnancy itself slows down the digestive system, so I ended up with gall stones. I'm now on a special diet so they don't have to do surgery (there is a 10% chance we'd lose the baby if they did it), so lucky me-no fatty foods, or chocolate among other things until the baby is born! :) That's alright, I just want a healthy baby girl! What are all you ladies thinking of naming your babies?


citrouille - June 2

I'm due Sept 27th. First trimester I was really tired and felt gross. Now things are going quite well aside swollen ankles and fatigue! I don't know what i'm having but I think it is a boy because I saw it little something between the baby's legs at my u/s last week! If its a girl we'll name her Enya Joy, if it is a boy, Tristan Henri.


Lissi - June 2

I'm due Sept 6th. The first half of pregnancy was easy for me. No sickness, just very sore b___bs and tiredness. Now I'm a little over 26 weeks and I feel terrible. I can't walk far or stand for long because I get breathless and the muslces in my stomach ache until I sit down again. Terrible cramps and aches in my hips at night, so I hardly sleep. Stairs are a real chore for me. I've been very depressed on and off too. It feels like payback for having such an easy 1st trimester. On the plus side, my little girl's kicks are very stong and more frequent. I listen to her heartbeat everday, and everyday it gets stronger and easier to find, which is very reasuring. I can't wait for it all to be over now, so I can get my body back and see my daughter. I'm not enjoying pregnancy anymore.


erica - June 2

thanks everyone for responding. I am 24 weeks and am due for the twenty second of sept but prolly earlier cause im small and no one in my family kept their kids in til there due date lol. were very excited for our lil boy. good luck everyone with yours!


rae - June 2

due sept. 24th and I'm having a boy. All's well here


Staci - June 2

Citrouille! I am also due 9/27 AND I also have swollen ankles! LOL!! Just started the swelling last week! It feels achy too - what are you doing for it? We are having a boy!


lyn - June 2

I am due on Sept 20th . And the whole pregnancy has been a breeze so far. Maybe I'm lucky. We are having a girl also.


Anna - June 17

I'm not due in Sept. but October. I also just started the swollen ankle thing. Its horrible.


Fia - June 17

Due 27th Sep. As far as prego symptoms - never had any, besides from being tired. I know, not fair. Still, the only way I feel prego is due to clothes not fitting, shirts being too short, and a very active thing inside me. Sept can't come soon enough...


citrouille - June 17

staci- I haven't found anything that works for my swollen ankles. I found that they are less swollen if I don't wear socks, so wearing sandals helps.



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