Serious Question Im Scared

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Brooke235 - September 24

i am currently almost 26 weeks and sometimes i have mild cramping on either my left side or right side or sometimes its all the way across. i told my dr about it and he said that if its not persistant and not too painful not to worry about it. has anyone else had this and should i worry?


Buffi R. - September 24

Sorry for the TMI, but sometimes I get pains like that when I have intestinal issues going on like gas or diarreah. I'm almost 26 weeks as well (due 12-26) and this has been going on for a few weeks. I agree with your doctor, and you can also try increasing your fluids and laying down to see if they stop. If the pains are from braxton hicks contractions (although BH's usually aren't painful), this method usually makes they stop. It's one way to tell real labor pains from BH. But if it's intestinal, they probably won't stop, then it can still be a little confusing. With mine, I try to watch the frequency and severity of the pain. Also, if I'm having true contraction-like feelings along with them, like the uterine tightening at the top, then I get more worried. Otherwise, I just put up with them. :-)


Brooke235 - September 24

this is probably a stupid question but what do you mean the uterine tightening at the top? what does that feel like? also my boyfriend and i had s_x last night could that have something to do with it?


sarah21 - September 24

You may be having some braxton hicks contraction-- totally common.


kaitlin - September 24

I agree with Buffi R. I get those as well (just had it last night) and it turned out to be gas. I find going for a walk relieves it, actually, although it doesn't feel like it at first!


sahm2alaj - September 24

Sounds common. I actually told my dr about this same thing and he said it's normal. It's always good to mention it to your doctor though.


jennifer_33106 - September 24

haha same thing here and they chalked it up to gas and that I was constipted. He also said it could be the way the baby was lying. But yeah walking helped me too.


Buffi R. - September 24

The uterine tightening usually starts out at the top of your uterus (which is probably above your navel by now) and feels like a compression inside your belly, almost like a pinching sensation. Sometimes it feels like a swelling too, not so much pinching in but expanding out, but I don't know if that's the same thing or not. Your belly will get very hard to the touch on the outside, and the feeling might spread all the way down to your crotch. It usually lasts about 30 seconds but can go up to a few minutes, then goes away. It's a very different feeling than the menstrual-like pains I think you're describing. But real labor is usually a combination of the two that doesn't go away, that just gets worse, and they get closer together. Also, I realized I said something wrong about how far along I am in my first reply. I said I'm almost 26 weeks due Dec. 26, but I meant to say I'm 26 weeks already, almost 27. Sorry if that confused you, especially since you're almost 26 weeks and might have noticed the discrepancy in our due dates. :-)



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