Severe Heartburn At 17 Weeks

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Ekta - June 21

Hi! I am 17 weeks 3 days. Since the last 5 days, I am experiencing severe heartburn. It feels like shooting pain in the chest . I am drinking lot of water(around 3 litres per day). Anybody has a tried and tested remedy for the same? Would appreciate comments. Also I have still not started feeling my baby. Although I sometimes experience pinching cramps lower down. Please pray for me. You all have been very comforting so far with my silly questions. It's just that I am worried deep inside and am not able to forget my past 2 miscarriages.Thank you all for being there.


Camie - June 21

I am in my 27th week and let me tell ya, the heartburn doesn't go away. I have had it the whole pregnancy and the bigger your belly gets the worse the heartburn gets. I eat tums and drink milk when it gets really bad. Later on when you get bigger try to sleep with extra pillows under your head to keep her head elevated, cause once you lay down the acid comes up. Sorry so graphic but its true and it is not fun. Good luck!


Nick - June 21

I am 31 weeks and heartburn gets much worse. I eat very small meals. That seems to help. Also, something like a piece of pepperoni pizza is too painful to eat now, so I stay away from that stuff. I also carry tums in my purse. Some of my friends never got any heartburn, but I can't complain because they had worse things.


M - July 14

I am 15 weeks and today I saw my Dr. in tears from my heartburn and reflux. She told me it was fine to take Prilosec now that I am out of my first trimester. Prilosec was the only thing that ever stopped my heartburn/reflux when it was really bad, but it really works. M


mama2be - July 16

I'm 18 weeks with twins and my heartburn isn't letting up even though I try to stay away from acidy and greasy foods (hey, we all have cravings).. also, its best not to lay down right after eating.. causes the heartburn to work its way up, creating that burning sensation... as for feeling the baby, I can't comment on that, cuz I'm having twins.. I did feel flutters as early as 10 weeks though and now am feeling kicks and possibly little bums moving across my lower abdomen.. I'm sure you'll feel something soon, from what I've read so far most people commonly feel a singleton around 20 weeks.. earlier if you're lucky :) if you need rea__surance, why not rent a fetal doppler or ask your ob-gyn to check the heart rate for ya... keep good positive thoughts and you'll be ok :) take care and god bless


elizabeth - September 1

1 teas of apple cider vinager works wonders . yes it is a little bitter but it works and its safe. it works when you are not preggo too because heart needs to be neutralized to rid the problem not take things to cover the problem and then you need more and more and more..please believe me



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